Ultimate Guide to Timber Windows Replacement in Scotland

Are you a Scottish property owner who is thinking of replacing your windows?

Maybe your current windows are showing their age and letting down the look of your house. You may be experiencing draughts and chills from ill-fitting old windows. Possibly you are worried that your home is not secure enough.

Whatever your reasons, there is an ideal solution when it comes to replacement timber windows. Hugo Carter has extensive experience in the construction and installation of new timber sash windows that will revitalise the appearance of your property. We can create sturdy new timber casement windows that make your home more secure – and less vulnerable to the Scottish weather.

Our replacement timber windows deliver in so many respects. Their soundproofing qualities cut down on the amount of noise in your home, while our made-to-measure creations reduce the amount of heat escaping your property – which will in turn have an impact on your energy bills.

Read on to find out more about the ways in which replacement timber windows will benefit you and your Scottish property.

Thinking of Entirely Replacing Your Timber Windows?

When you are planning a renovation project, you may have to choose between replacing either some or all of your timber window frames.

Partial replacement will, naturally, be cheaper – but it may leave your property with an unbalanced or inconsistent appearance.

And, while your new timber casement windows will be more robust and efficient, any existing frames you leave in place will continue to impact on your quality of life within the property.

Ultimately, deciding whether or not to install a complete set of new timber sash window frames will be completely up to you.

Whichever option you decide to take, Hugo Carter will be happy to advise you on the way to achieve the best results with a new complete or partial set of timber window frames.

How Other Companies Replace Timber Windows

If you are thoroughly researching your options for replacement timber sash windows in Scotland, you will be aware that there are various ways in which the work can be carried out.

Many companies supply windows that are constructed to standard widths and heights. That means they may not fit precisely to the space available in your property.

At Hugo Carter, we take pride in the bespoke installations we create. Every window we create is measured to the millimetre to ensure it delivers the best performance possible in terms of soundproofing and resistance to the weather.

You may find suppliers that use cheaper alternative materials such as vinyl, aluminium or composite constructions. At Hugo Carter, we find that using timber for window frames offers the best solution in terms of durability, appearance and value for money.

Are timber window frames expensive? Timber windows cost more than other materials, but we believe that their robust quality ensures that they represent a shrewd long-term investment.

The Most Popular Type of Timber Window Replacement in Scotland

While other options are available, at Hugo Carter we believe that the replacement of timber sash windows with a bespoke and long-lasting installation is the best way to upgrade the look and feel of your property.

You can either replace some of your sash window timber or opt for a complete overhaul of all your windows at once.

Similarly, it is possible to carry out a timber windows repair project if you feel that your existing windows still have many years left in them.

Making improvements to your home in this way represents, we believe, a wise investment. The installation of precisely fitted and robustly constructed timber sash windows in Scotland will deliver a host of benefits for years to come.

Your home will feel warmer and less draughty, and you will notice a reduction in the amount of noise that penetrates your home, making it a more peaceful place to live.

Installation of Slim Double Glazing for Scottish Windows

You may find, when you are planning to install new timber double-glazed windows in your Scottish property, that there is not enough room available.

This is not a deal-breaker. Thanks to our range of slim double glazing installations, you can still achieve the effect you want, and get all the benefits of our robust, bespoke creations.

Our slim double glazing for sash windows is, as you would expect from the name, narrower than the windows from the rest of our range.

However, they still deliver high levels of sound reduction and score well when it comes to U-value – which measures how much heat is lost through a window.

If you have an older building, or live in a conservation area, these windows could be the answer if you want to upgrade your property while still meeting local building regulations.

We can install slim double glazing in listed buildings that preserves the appearance of your property while also giving you the high standard of performance you expect across the Hugo Carter range.

Secondary Glazing Options for Scottish Homes

One way of bolstering your Scottish home’s resistance to the weather, and of lessening the noise levels within your property, is to install secondary glazing windows.

Secondary glazing involves adding a separate glass panel close behind your existing window. This can be an ideal solution, particularly in an older property where your options for replacing windows are limited.

Investing in secondary glazing sash windows, particularly in older Scottish homes, is a persuasive alternative to a full replacement programme.

How much does secondary glazing cost? It can work out much cheaper than a complete installation of a new set of replacement timber windows. However, we suggest you discuss your options in detail with our trained team so that you decide on the most appropriate solution for you.

Triple-Glazed Windows for Scottish Homes

If you want to construct a seriously robust barrier against the worst that the Scottish climate can throw at you, it may be worthwhile considering the installation of triple-glazed windows.

Triple glazing, as the name suggests, involves creating a window with three panes of glass and a timber frame expertly measured to fit your property perfectly.

Triple-glazed windows may be the ideal solution if you are the owner of an older Scottish home. Switching to triple glazing can seriously improve the soundproofing of your home compared to single and double glazing.

Triple-glazed windows also deliver a notably low U-value, which means a far higher level of energy efficiency than alternative options.

Keeping the warmth within a previously draughty old Scottish home will make your property more welcoming – and lower your energy bills.

Is triple glazing worth it? Triple-glazed windows can be more expensive to install than double glazing or secondary glazing, but over time you should reduce both your energy costs and your carbon footprint.

Case Study: Three-Bedroom House in Edinburgh

Matthew Bisland got in touch with Hugo Carter because he was considering installing new windows. He was keen to increase the energy efficiency at his home – which is located in a conservation area – through a programme of timber window frame replacement.

After sourcing quotations from more than 10 companies, he commissioned Hugo Carter to install new double-glazed timber sash and case windows.

All 12 windows were fitted within a week, and Matthew and his family are already enjoying the benefits of timber windows fitted by Hugo Carter, both in terms of soundproofing and lower energy costs.

Matthew added: “We’re delighted with the result (it’s noticeably warmer and quieter in the house) and we’re very happy we decided to make the investment.”

“We were sold on the product quality and professionalism of the team. The negotiation process was fair and never pushy, and we were kept up to date at every stage.”

Receiving a Quotation From Hugo Carter

When you get in touch with Hugo Carter to discuss your timber windows replacement requirements, you receive a truly personal service from the start.

Our trained and experienced team take the time to listen to you and learn exactly what your needs and aspirations are.

We will then arrange a site visit, at no cost to you, so that we can get to know your home and make the precise measurements that are at the heart of all our constructions.

How much do timber windows cost? That depends on the work you need done. We do not have a standard price list; we will give you an initial estimate when we discuss your plans, and a bespoke quotation after our visit. That quotation will be with you within two working days, rather than taking weeks to arrive.

So when you are searching online for “timber windows near me”, make sure you get in touch with Hugo Carter to see how different our approach to customer service is.

Hugo Carter

Complimentary site visit
Completely bespoke quotation
Quotation delivered within two days
Regular communication

The Rest

Reluctant to leave the office
Standard pricing list
Quotation can take weeks
You may have to chase for updates

Manufacturing Timber Windows for Scottish Homes

So, you have decided to commission Hugo Carter to create your new timber windows, and our representatives have visited your site to measure up. What happens next?

This is when our team of experienced and highly trained engineers go to work. Every one of the timber sash and casement windows in Scotland that we create is made to measure – and we go to the last millimetre to ensure a perfect fit.

Our timber windows are constructed from wood that has been grown slowly to ensure a greater degree of strength and durability.

They are matched with tough acoustic glass that delivers the best performance you can find when it comes to soundproofing and energy efficiency.

The high quality of our work is demonstrated by the fact that it takes our skilled team between 10 and 14 weeks to build your timber windows. This is a process that should not be rushed; a lead time of four to six weeks is not a sign of quality.

Our Replacement Timber Windows

There are so many reasons to choose Hugo Carter when it comes to the creation, construction and installation of high quality timber windows.

The fact that our range of windows look superb, and fit seamlessly with your home and the surrounding environment, is merely the start of the story.

By ensuring that every window we install is measured to the millimetre, we can cut down significantly on the level of noise that enters your property – and the amount of heat that escapes.

That airtight installation brings you a great deal of thermal efficiency, meaning you need to use less energy to keep your home warm. The quality of the acoustic glass in all our windows also means a lower U-value, because they allow less heat to escape through your glass.

We also use the best timber to make our hardwood timber windows. This comes from slow-grown engineered trees, which are more durable than quickly maturing varieties.Hugo Carter has a close relationship with the Forest Stewardship Council. All of our timber is accredited with the FSC, which means we can genuinely claim to be producing eco timber windows.

We also have an eye to the future. For every new project we take on, we plant a tree. That means you can use our services safe in the knowledge that you will take delivery of sustainable wooden windows.

Timber Windows Installation in Scotland

When it comes to knowing how to install timber windows in Scotland, our team is second to none. Our installers are all qualified and certified by the Glass Qualifications Authority, while as a company we are registered with FENSA – the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme.

Companies that meet the FENSA standard can be relied upon to delivery top quality work – you can learn more about FENSA and the strictures it imposes in this video.

Once you decide to use Hugo Carter, we follow this process:

1. Installation survey, where we measure to the millimetre and decide on the best method of installation.

2. Manufacturing updates every three weeks during the process of building your windows, which will take at least 10 weeks.

3. We give you two weeks’ notice of your installation date.


4. Installation takes place, overseen by a project manager.

5. You get a courtesy call a week after the installation to make sure everything is working as you expected.

An important part of the process is our window reveal installation. Your FENSA windows will work more effectively after we check the insulation around the reveal, which is the join between the glass and your timber frame.

You should receive a FENSA certificate for windows, which shows that the project has been certified and is, therefore, covered by our 10-year guarantee.

After Sales Service for Scottish Customers

When you commission Hugo Carter to provide replacement timber windows in your Scottish home, you have the peace of mind that comes from our superlative standards of customer service.

This extends throughout the design and installation process and beyond. All of our work is guaranteed for 10 years under the FENSA standard, and we offer an annual maintenance visit to ensure your windows are delivering the high levels of soundproofing and weather resistance you expect.

Hugo Carter

Installation delivered to FENSA standard
Work guaranteed for 10 years
Annual maintenance visit
Repairs carried out

The Rest

Reluctant to leave the office
Standard pricing list
You may never see them again
Repairs may not be covered


Are timber windows worth it? We hope that, after working with Hugo Carter, they most definitely are.

Investing in replacement timber windows for your Scottish property comes with both immediate and long-term benefits.
The quality of the timber we use, the expertise of our installation teams and engineers, and our commitment to superlative customer service, ensures you will see noticeable improvements to the level of noise within your home, as well as its thermal efficiency.

Our robust and durable timber windows will be a practical and attractive addition to your home, while our commitment to reducing the impact of climate change ensures you will be playing your part in the sustainability of the planet we all share.