Small Space Solution – Soundproof Folding Doors

August 7th, 2018

Small is the new spacious, in terms of city living that is. Brands such as Ikea have been preaching that lack of square footage is not a problem, and present plenty of furniture options to make the most of what little space you do have. Searching for “small space solutions” reveals numerous Pinterest boards full of elegant and sleek design ideas that would certainly allow for a multi-functional living. But when a small area has how do you soundproof small spaces?

Soundproof folding doors are one option to partition rooms and create unique spaces.

Whether you have young children, housemates or just like a little you-time, balancing space and sanity can be tough. When there’s not enough room to swing a cat, how do you ensure that everyone receives the privacy they need?

Soundproof folding doors allow you to create flexible spaces within your home without sacrificing style or comfort. Choose wooden doors for better acoustic dampening and to create something that will really complement your surroundings. If you have young children and need to keep an eye on them, bi-fold doors with glass panes allow you the flexibility to keep watch whilst keeping them at arm’s length.

Keeping spaces separate allows you to do more with your life. Play music, cook food, entertain guests, study, read and work. With soundproof folding doors, you can create the lifestyle you like, regardless of the size of space.

Did you know that in London noise pollution affects 1.6 million people?

If you are struggling to sleep you are at increased risk of stress through heart attacks and will experience decreased effectiveness throughout your day. Let family members watch television whilst you get a good night’s sleep.

Hugo Carter designs and creates bespoke windows and doors. We’re passionate about noise and the environment. All our products are soundproof, helping to eliminate city noise and everything we build is made from sustainable material. Because we care about the planet.

For a free quote and to see how our soundproof folding doors can transform your home, contact us today.

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