How Do Noise Reduction Windows compare To Double And Single Glazed Units?

August 7th, 2018

When it comes to ensuring that your home truly is a castle, noise reduction windows are one way of bringing peaceful days and silent nights, but how do they compare in regards to double and single glazed units?

We decided to do a little investigating!

Noise Reduction

Well, it sort of goes without saying that noise reduction windows will offer the greatest reduction in intrusive noises. With possible reductions of up to 50dB in our high-performance range, it’s pretty redundant even comparing the two. However, if decibels mean nothing to you, we’ve created a handy little tool that can help demonstrate what a 50-decibel reduction sounds like:

embed the sound file

Click here to hear how this sounds compared to single and double glazed units!

Thermal Efficiency

Whilst modern single glazing installations aren’t half as bad as you might imagine them to be with regards to heat loss, they are half as bad as double glazed units which boast at least double the thermal efficiency value. In terms of money saved on your bill each year, A Grade windows installed in a detached property can save between £120-£160 on the cost of heating.

In these regards, noise reduction windows offer the same thermal efficiency as the highest standard of double glazing.


Oft overlooked by many people when it comes to their properties, windows are a considerable point of entrance for would-be thieves!

Single glazed windows, unless reinforced (which they often aren’t) are extremely fragile and easily breakable.

Double glazed units are far sturdier than their single counterparts, but again, unless they are reinforced can certainly be compromised.

Our high-performance windows on the other hand, as they are laminated and constructed of thicker glass, are practically unbreakable. If they are hit with enough force they will crack but will stay in place and prevent entry into the property.

Have any further questions about how else they compare? Let us know in the comments below and we will be happy to help!

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