Installing Soundproof Windows When Redecorating a Victorian House

August 7th, 2018

Soundproof windows can change your life by decreasing noise pollution and improving your quality of sleep.

A study by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) found that high levels of noise pollution in London are linked to early death and a greater risk of stroke (2015).  Issues with health and wellbeing are caused by stress and sleep disruption from night-time traffic noise. Not getting enough sleep on a regular basis can shorten your life expectancy, and put you at risk of medical conditions such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. So, whilst your traditional Victorian windows might be in keeping with the facade of your house, they could be contributing to your poor health by allowing noise and air pollution to infiltrate your home.

Can I install soundproof windows in my Victorian property?

The simple answer is yes, but let’s break this down as there is always some confusion over what work can, and cannot be carried out to older properties, especially if they are listed.

Listed Buildings

Listed building status celebrates a building’s special architectural and historical interest by protecting it against development. To be eligible for listed status, buildings usually have to be over thirty years old. Any building built before 1700 that has survived in its original condition is likely to be listed.

Owning a listed property means a beautiful home with character features, but it also requires regular maintenance and following a strict procedure. Historic England says, “You will need listed-building consent for all work to a listed building that involves alteration, extension or demolition where it affects its special architectural or historic interest.”

A Period Property

There is no specific definition for a period property, but the term usually refers to a building constructed before WWI, during a particular historical. For example, Georgian is used to describing during the reign of King George.

Soundproof windows are possible in listed properties if you choose an expert who understands English Heritage rules and regulations. You will have to apply for planning permission and contact your local authority. You may find this 15 steps to choosing a window, glazing and door specialist checklist when searching for the right company to install your soundproof windows.

Why choose Hugo Carter for your soundproof windows?

Hugo Carter’s technicians are trained to install, repair and replace windows in a range of properties, including listed buildings and conservation areas. They do all the hard work consulting with your local authority to secure planning permission, and as they understand the rules and regulations of what you can and cannot do, they are on hand to advise at every step of the process. The specialised products include full, invisible overhauls of your windows, but retain the bulk of your original windows, making them more efficient whilst complying with regulations. Restore or replace traditional windows in order to improve efficiency, eliminate sound pollution and create a healthy home life.

What are my soundproof window options?

Hugo Carter offers bespoke soundproof solutions, including windows and doors. They work with you to establish what you need, and how their products might fit into your home, complementing your period property. Because everything made by their team of expert craftsmen can be customised in size, shape, colour, and stain, you always get exactly what you want. Soundproof windows and doors are made from sustainable timber and eco glass, ensuring that the planet is well looked after. If during the process you would like to upgrade to modern tilt and turn, that can be arranged. Choose from sash or casement windows, customised to suit your lifestyle.

Read more about the materials used by Hugo Carter here.

Hugo Carter design, build and install, and repair bespoke windows and doors. Because we’re passionate about the environment and your health, all of our products are soundproof, helping to eliminate city noise. Everything we build is made from sustainable material. For a free quote and to see how our soundproof products can transform your home into an oasis of tranquillity. Contact us today for a free quote.

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