Engineered Timber in the Window and Door industry

August 9th, 2018

Look along any street these days and you are sure to see uPVC windows and doors on most houses, as they are both energy efficient and very low maintenance. Aluminum frames are also very popular of late, meaning that traditional timber windows are not as prevalent as they once were—until now that is. With the advent of new engineering, multilayered timber can be equally as efficient as modern materials.

What is multilayered timber?

In comparison to traditional single-layered timber, multi-layer sections of solid timber are compressed together. They form a veneer that stops the frames from moving, making them structurally sound and weatherproof.

The Benefits of Using Multilayered Timber

Timber is once again being considered by people looking to insulate their home and make it more energy efficient. For those torn as to what materials to choose when buying windows, we take a look at some of the benefits of having timber doors and windows.


The settling time required for engineered timber is significantly shorter as it can be dried in a kiln, making it easy to make. The cost is also reduced, as there is no requirement to source whole pieces of timber as multilayered is made up of good-quality sections of wood.


Multilayered timber is constructed by placing the grain of one section of the wood being layered in the opposing direction, to the grain of the previous piece. Any defects in the wood are removed before construction and the glue used is stronger than the wood itself.


The layering of the wood in alternating grains not only makes the frame strong but actually makes the finished product look aesthetically pleasing.


The alternate grains reduce the chances of the timber warping or changing shape and provide great stability to the frame. The finished product ensures the home stays warm and it brings has long-term efficiency.


Any waste from making multilayered frames can be recycled. It has been shown that using this type of timber leaves 25% less waste than making traditional frames that require large pieces of wood. The timber used in Hugo Carter frames is sustainable and carbon negative, having an overall positive effect on the environment.


Eco-conscious people will delight in the green credentials of using multilayered timber, instead of modern materials, as it is engineered with the environment in mind. Not only is the multilayer timber kind to the planet, your home will be more energy efficient, so you can relax in your warm home knowing that the energy bills will likely be reduced and that you are safe and secure.

Read more about our multilayered timber over on the Hugo Carter products page.

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