The Green Deal

August 7th, 2018

As you may have recently read in the news, the government’s Green Deal cashback scheme has been shut down in the past week due to an overwhelming flood of applicants looking to make take advantage. The final £70million that was available as part of the scheme was taken up in a staggering three days.

The cashback deal was offering £7,600 to those who engaged with the government’s Green Deal campaign, making improvements to the energy efficiency of their homes. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t still advantages to getting involved.

A government initiative that has sought to reduce the amount of energy we waste at home, the Green Deal can still help make savings on energy bills as well as contribute to an overall reduction in this country’s carbon footprint.

How Can The Green Deal Help You?

The initiative helps you get connected with the sorts of companies that can install Green Deal stamped products, as well as any other work that might need to be undertaken on your property. It also grants you access to a few different payment options for the improvements you’ve undertaken, which until recently included the cashback scheme, but still offers specialist loans providers through ‘Green Deal Finance’.

Typical improvements that can be undertaken on pretty much any property include:

  • solid wall, cavity, and loft insulation
  • draught proofing (both windows and doors as well as walls)
  • installation of energy efficient double glazing
  • installation of renewable energy products like solar panels and heat pumps

There are some pretty neat tools that will show you the kind of savings you can expect to see when you make these changes including this energy grants calculator which can show you what improvements you can make, as well as any grants that are available. Check it out here.

The next step is to book an assessment – someone needs to come to your property in order to evaluate whether the Green Deal can help you. Unfortunately, these are often quite costly, though you can get in touch with the providers and get a quote before you arrange a time or date.

It’s also the case that many listed buildings and those in a conservation area often struggle to get greenlit for the Green Deal due to building restrictions.

An initiative with good intentions, it was poorly received until the cash back incentive, and now that that’s gone, we’ll have to wait and see how it fairs. It’s a sad fact that many people still see green living as an excess rather than a necessity, but hopefully, the scheme will only grow more popular from now on.

Image by  tpsdave

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