Windows Decorative Elements

July 11th, 2018

High quality parts ensure that your windows are as close to original heritage products as possible. Some of the materials we use to create windows and doors bespoke in nature include:

  • Integrated glazing bars that provide structural and technological support to your windows without damaging the period look of your home. We replicate glazing bars to exacting original specifications in Conservation Areas and for listed buildings to ensure that your new windows meet the requirements for consent or planning permission.
  • We offer a wide range of decorative sash horns and other finishings to give your new windows and doors to an exquisite level of detail and perfection. Trickle vents are installed in windows that need it to eliminate problems with poor ventilation, including condensation. Trickle vents help to minimise heat loss by avoiding over-ventilation and increase comfort through draught avoidance.

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