Made to Measure Timber Windows

July 11th, 2018

Made to last a lifetime, made to measure timber windows are a popular choice with our customers. Available in a variety of settings to fit your every window need, our made to measure timber windows are available in any size, for any area of your home, and come in any U-value, from the 1.4 strict rating to the more passive 0.7 house rating.

The timber used for our windows is top-grade, laminated and treated with preservatives to ensure that your windows look beautiful and keep your home temperature stable for as long as you want them to. Paired with the latest and greatest in technology for flush casement window construction, glass, and insulation, our made to measure timber windows not only look great, but also provide the best in protection from the elements and the best comfort for your home that money can buy.

Our most popular window selections include fully reversible windows, tilt and turn windows, side swing 90°/180° windows, side hung windows and fixed windows. It’s worth talking to us about any of your window made-to-measure requirements.

Fully Reversible Timber Windows

Our made to measure fully reversible timber windows not only come with all of the best features of our windows but are also equipped with easy-to-manage, single-handle operation. Our windows are completely reversible and are easy to clean without having to set a foot outside your home. They also feature our traditional four-point mechanism, which makes them fit flush, fully lock, provide ventilation, and best of all, be child safe.

Tilt and Turn Timber Windows

Just like our fully reversible windows, our wooden windows made to measure are easy to clean from within your home. No more ladders and high powered hose-washing. Our tilt and turn windows fit flush to provide your home with maximum comfort, and are easy to use. All of our tilt and turn windows feature dual positioning options that are practical and easy to operate. These windows open inward on their side hinges and left or right with a quick turn of the handle.

Side Swing 90°/180° Timber Window

Our made to measure timber side swing windows are easy to use, easy to clean and provide maximum home comfort just like all of our other windows. But this window is operated with an espagnolette locking mechanism that helps it to swing from 90° to 120°, and to 180°.

Side Hung Timber Windows

Our simple made to measure side hung timber windows are just what they sound. They embody all of the best features of our windows and open outwardly from side hinges.

Fixed Timber Windows

We supply fixed timber windows, made to measure to your specification, that can be installed anywhere in your home. Since they do not open, size and shape is not an issue.  Not only can Hugo Carter install your made to measure fixed timber windows, we can also offer you the chance to work with an environmentally friendly window company. Yes, you read it correctly because, for each and every window we make, we plant a brand new tree back in the forest! We really do care.

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