When to Choose Hardwood Windows Over Softwood Windows

July 11th, 2018

If you’re in need of new windows in your home or business, then you’re likely trying to decide what type of window frames you need. Whether you’re purchasing prefabricated windows or you’re electing to have made to measure bespoke windows created for your home or office space, you’ll have to choose between hardwood window frames, softwood frames, aluminium or unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) materials.

We Supply Hardwood Windows as Standard

Hardwood windows are most often classified as HC or heavy commercial windows and can be used for many different applications, including residential, light commercial, commercial, and heavy commercial construction.

When you’re constructing or purchasing window frames where strength and durability are the main concern, hardwoods should be used. The grain of the timber in hardwoods provides a specific look to the window frames in this type of construction as well, and that is equally as important in many types of construction. In some cases, when your window frames will be painted, the best types of hardwoods for use in construction are those classified as tropical hardwoods. There are many different types of hardwoods to choose from in any construction project including ash, utile, oak, and sapele. Of course, there are many other different types of hardwoods that can be used for the construction of window frames. Because there are so many different types of wood to choose from it is important to choose the right window construction specialists to help you determine the right hardwoods for your window frames.

Modern construction and even period construction demands the highest quality and durability from the timbers used for window frames. Timber window frames often come under fire from more traditional contemporary window frame construction materials like PVC and aluminum since these materials can be cheaper to use for production and construction, but will not last as long as softwood and hardwood timbers. Hardwood window frames provide more than adequate amounts of insulation and are easier to paint and stain to meet your custom colour palette needs. Hardwood timbers are more versatile than other types of materials available for the construction of window frames. They can be used for creating strong, flush casements, and for creating a custom and look and feel for your home. Our hardwood timber window frames are perfect for creating or updating the look and feel of your home to bring it into the new century and ensure your perfect comfort at home.

So, when you need to have new windows and have decided to go with hardwood windows, contact Hugo Carter. Make sure that you don’t settle for less than the very best when it comes to UK hardwood windows.

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