Get Hand Crafted Bespoke Timber Windows

August 15th, 2018

If you’re looking for the very best when it comes to bespoke timber windows, then you need to look no further. Hugo Carter bespoke timber windows can help you achieve the look, the comfort, and the quality you want and need for your home. Bespoke wooden windows, or custom windows, are perfect for your home when you need special windows made for an opening in your home that is a special shape or size, especially when there is not a standard prefabricated window to fit the space. Prefabricated windows are generally made with standard widths, heights, and other features and do not always align with a period home or other custom home space. If you’re engaged in a custom home project, do-it-yourself home project, or renovation of a period home, then you may have a need for bespoke timber windows since standardised windows won’t fit. The most common reason that people run into trouble with common standardised windows during a home renovation is that most period homes were constructed prior to the standardisation of window systems.

Additionally, when you’re working to convert or renovate an older property, there may be many changes that you will want to make to the window fittings and casements. Bespoke timber windows from Hugo Carter can help you to accomplish this without sacrificing on the quality. Custom timber windows are also appropriate in cases when you want to replace your current fixed windows or side hinge windows with one of the many other available options for bespoke windows.

Fixed Custom Timber Windows

Hugo Carter bespoke windows can be constructed to fit your needs, and you have the opportunity to choose from available styles such as tilt and turn windows, fixed windows; side swing 90°/180° windows; side hung windows and fully reversible windows. When you select fixed bespoke timber windows, they can be constructed in nearly any shape and can be made to fit any size space where you need a window.

You may also have another opportunity to invest in custom timber windows when you want to change your single pane windows out to accommodate double or triple pane windows. Bespoke wooden windows are also appropriate when you want to install flush window casements, sash windows, new glaze bars, and other types of window types and options.

Unlike standardised windows, bespoke windows are adaptable to all of your needs. Bespoke windows can be constructed to open from the top, the bottom, or from either side, and can be constructed to tilt and to be fully reversible, so they’re easy to clean, easy to manage, and they’re safer than traditional windows.

The many different options available with bespoke windows do not end at their traditional features. Our timber frame bespoke windows can also be fitted with varying U-value glass, and your choice of some of the best ironmongery and other fittings available on the market for a custom experience from start to finish.  So, when you are in the market for new timber frame windows, do yourself a favour and contact Hugo Carter today. We know our business!

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