How to Buy Green Deal Double Glazing Timber Windows

July 11th, 2018

Double glazing is one of the best ways to upgrade your home to a more efficient and green deal home. Making your home more efficient will lower your energy utility bills by reducing the amount of heat loss that occurs through your windows. You can rely on double glazing to provide you with a cost-effective alternative to saving energy and giving your home a new look and feel.

Reports indicate that swapping out single glazed windows for double glazed windows in your home can help you save a substantial amount of money over the long term. Data shows that a three-bedroom home with double glazed windows exhausts £165 less on utility and other heating costs than a three-bedroom home with single glazed windows. The same size home with double glazed windows also emits 680kg less of carbon dioxide each year than a home with single glazed windows. Double glazing is also a cost-effective measure to take in the quest to reduce your utility bills each year because it lasts for roughly 20 years. For a three-bedroom home, this amounts to roughly £3,300 in savings over the course of 20 years.

Sometimes, double glazing is not appropriate for certain homes. In fact, listed buildings do not allow the owners or residents to install double glazed windows for any reason. However, this does not mean that you cannot take advantage of the double glazing technique. There is a suitable alternative that will help you take advantage of double glazing without making permanent and irreversible changes to the home or the structure of the window frames. This option involves fitting a layer of glass inside the windows that already exist. Although this option is not as effective as the full installation of double glazed windows, you can save approximately 51 percent as much on your yearly utility bills as you would save with full installation of double glazed windows. This second option can also help to reduce CO2 emissions by roughly 460kg.

As indicated, there are many benefits to double glazing, but the list of benefits is longer than just cost savings. Here is a full list of the benefits you can expect to receive from an installation of green deal double glazed windows.

Double Glazed Windows Can Provide the Following:

  • Increased retention of heat in your windows so your home does not lose heat throughout the winter months or cold air during the summer months
  • Increased noise reduction
  • Reduced condensation on your windows, which helps to reduce heat loss and utility bills
  • Increased security for your home and your family

Double glazed windows are available in all window construction options, including timber windows. When it does come to double glazed windows, Hugo Carter are the best around! Our craftsmen have years of experience in making windows for UK homes. We enjoy each part of the job and love to see the satisfaction that our customers carry from the final outcome So, why not contact us today for a free quotation?

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