Acoustic Glass

August 14th, 2018

What is acoustic glass?

Noise reduction double-glazing includes two panes of glass surrounding an inner layer, which acts as a sound barrier to minimise reverberation. 

You’ll be surprised at the difference it will make, when correctly integrated with our proprietary soundproof window design.

The acoustic glass selected by Hugo Carter includes Stadip Silence by Saint-Gobain, Pilkington, Climaplus Silence and Climaplus Acoustic systems.

Acoustic Glass – Hugo Carter – Silent Windows – Soundproof

Benefits of Acoustic Glass

Our soundproof windows work to combat the specific forms of noise pollution suffered in buildings, particularly those near railway lines, busy roads and under the flight paths.

Soundproofing works both ways, so in turn, our window designs reduce the transfer of any sounds which might emit from inside the property.


Acoustic glass can dramatically increase the security of a property, as the outer-bonded glass panes have proven nearly impossible to break.


An added benefit of using acoustic glass is its increased thermal values, which will reduce heat loss from the property, can decrease energy bills and increase the energy rating.

Acoustic Glass – Silent Windows – Hugo Carter

Why choose acoustic glass?

Acoustic glass can dramatically reduce the noise level inside a property and help you feel more relaxed in your home.

  • Sash Windows from Hugo Carter, fitted with sound reduction glass, have reduced noise pollution inside the building by between 34dB and 37dB. 
  • Casement Windows from the Hugo Carter collection, fitted with sound reduction glass have increased soundproofing by an average of 37dB and more.

Sash Window – Acoustic Glass – Hugo Carter – Silent Windows – UK

Noise Survey – Site Visit

During our initial site visit, we will carry out a Noise Survey to measure the sound frequencies throughout the building. Our engineers use this data to select the exact combination of materials – including the particular type of acoustic glass – to design the optimum soundproof, secure and efficient window for each room.


At Hugo Carter, we create acoustic windows using a weighted sound reduction system, following our proprietary soundproof window design and installation methods.

Contact Hugo Carter to book a no-obligation Noise Survey at your property. 

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