Acoustic Glass

August 14th, 2018

When you live near railway lines, busy roads, schools,factories, or loud neighbours, you need acoustic glass that will dramatically reduce the noise level and help you feel relaxed in your home. You’ll be surprised at the difference it will make in how peaceful your home is!

Noise reduction double-glazing includes outside double panes of glass surrounding an inner layer that acts as a sound barrier to stop reverberations. Our acoustic glass range is perfect for those who live along railway lines, busy roads, near loud factories, schools or simply noisy neighbours. This, in turn, reduces the transfer of noise from outside into your home. Acoustic windows also increase the security of your home. The outer-bonded glass panes are nearly impossible to break.

We create our acoustic windows using a weighted sound reduction system. Typically, we use Saint-Globain Stapid Silence, Climaplus Silence and Climaplus Acoustic systems.

  • Sash windows in our collection can be fitted with sound reduction glass ranged between 34dB and 37dB. Higher levels are available upon request.
  • Casement windows in our collection can be fitted with sound reduction glass in many decibel reduction levels including 34dB, 37dB, 43dB, and more.

An added benefit of using acoustic glass is its increased thermal values, which reduce heat loss in your home and decrease your energy bills.

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