Will London’s Night Tube Noise Pollution Affect You?

July 11th, 2018

News of a London night tube service is welcome news to many, as it will cut down journey times for night workers and party goers, as well as boosting the city’s economy. The night service will be able to support London’s 24-hour lifestyle, by allowing travellers access to trains throughout the night on Fridays and Saturdays, on the 5 lines: Victoria, Central, Piccadilly, Jubilee and Northern lines.

Independent research by Volterra has shown that – the project will boost London’s economy by £360 million, while also reducing the average travel time at night by 20 minutes. With Londoners already using the tube past 10 pm on a Friday and Saturday night, which is 70% more than they did in 2000, the scheme is sure to be a success. Transport for London has said:

Work is progressing to identify potential noise issues across the Night Tube network, and London Underground (LU) is taking steps to address noise levels that are considered unsatisfactory. (BBC)

What do people think of the current Night Tube noise?

Despite the excitement experienced by many, there are some residents that are in fear of the increase in noise that will occur during the night. With the tube already running between 5 AM and 1 AM, some people have seen an increase in the noise within the past few years, due to the recent replacement of wooden sleepers to concrete ones, and the need for tracks to be upgraded.

Transport for London has committed to reducing night tube noise as much as possible. They have also stated that they will be carrying out grinding work when necessary.

Impact of the Noise On Residents

Despite these assurances, residents in areas around the 5 lines are understandably concerned, about the impact the noise will have on their lives. The areas that are expected to be most affected are Woodford (Central Line), Glentworth Street and Westminster (Jubilee Line), and Kensington (Piccadilly line between Earls Court and Gloucester Road).

One Kensington resident is concerned about how the night tube noise will affect the quality of her life, saying:

“It’s detrimental to my health. I’m kept awake. I’m only able to sleep when I’m exhausted and it’s not a good quality sleep. It’s having a detrimental impact on my life.” (Get West London)

Residents are calling for more support from TFL. They are also looking at ways in which they can reduce noise pollution in their homes so that the night tube does not affect their overall health and wellbeing.

It is important to consider each and every person that is involved in this situation, after all a person’s home is their sanctuary. Without a doubt, their home definitely is as relaxing as possible without having to worry about a noisy night tube disturbing the peace.

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