What Is Soundproofing?

July 11th, 2018

Soundproofing is the practice of making your property resistant to the often annoying noise pollution that the city invariably offers every residence. There are a few things that you can do to soundproof your home – one of which we can help you with!

What Can Be Done To Soundproof A Property?

Rather simply, the first thing you can do is create more space between you and the noise source. Of course, relocating your property is practically paradoxical and there’s no way that you can increase the distance without selling your home or transplanting your house somewhere else.

The second factor that increases the soundproofing of a building is mass. Like space above, all that’s required is that you add more mass to your building, like increasing the size of your walls. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

The third thing? Dampening. This is where you force the sound to travel through different materials which each have a different thickness. Effectively making the sound work harder, causing it to lose energy and dissipate, this is where Hugo Carter can step in.

You also have the option of anti-noise devices that produce a sound which will effectively cancel out the unwanted noise pollution in your property. Unfortunately, these are only really available as headphones at the moment.

So before you move your home, build another house around your existing one or wear noise-cancelling headphones whilst you nod off at night, you’re best off looking into noise dampening as a solution to soundproofing.

Acoustic Dampening With Windows

Windows will be built specifically to the types of noise pollution that your property suffers from. Using the natural resonance of different thicknesses of glass, manufacturers can create extremely effective soundproof windows that will reduce noise pollution dramatically. More in our brochure below.

In the past, this meant installing things like secondary glazing, but nowadays acoustic glass comes at practically the same thickness as your standard set of double glazing, meaning that you can effectively guarantee soundproof windows for any kind of design, from casement and sash designs to those in conservation areas or those in new builds.

To read more about the mechanics of soundproofing your windows click here.

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