UPVC Versus Timber Windows: The Power of Silence

July 11th, 2018

City living is tough. The streets are busy, pollution is high and you don’t have time to waste searching for a solution to your problem. I understand it is tempting, but this is why you shouldn’t go with the first double glazing firm you are recommended before considering the alternative. The best windows to reduce noise won’t be your bog standard uPVC on offer from local installers. You should definitely at least consider timber windows.

Double Glazing Has Come A Long Way But Still Won’t Beat Timber Frames

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Double glazing technology has evolved considerably in the last forty years, but it still pays to explore your options as a consumer. Some might recommend the latest in triple glazing for your home, creating a sense of Fort Knox. Germs and heat in, dust and noise out. However, you should consider the added expense of air conditioning when you realise you can’t open them! And if you live in a period property, do you really want to devalue your home by ripping out historic timber sash windows or period casement windows only to replace them with shiny modern white uPVC?

Our Timber Windows Are Proven To Reduce Noise

Our windows are scientific masterpieces that use timber window frames combined with noise reducing acoustic glass to effectively dampen the pressure wave of the sound disturbance.

This dampening can lead to a huge reduction in sound entering your home. We regularly reduce decibel levels by up to 300% for our customers. At a stroke, this reduces interrupted sleep and stress. When was the last time you heard such claims for a uPVC window supplier?

All this means that you don’t need triple glazing when a timber solution is more effective in combating noise pollution. Because customers have sometimes been led to believe that plastic windows are the way forward, some homeowners do not realise that noise is actually transmitted through the hollow plastic window frames. To deaden sound, you need a mass, not something hollow, and this is why timber windows are the perfect material to compliment noise reduction glass. They contribute hugely to a relaxing home environment you can’t wait to rush back to.

Timber Windows Are Fully Customisable

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Homeowners no longer have to sacrifice style for comfort! You can have windows that blend seamlessly with the character of your home but provide modern comfort. Timber is a natural product that is sustainable, as long as you choose a manufacturer dedicated to taking care of the environment. Hugo Carter believes in helping clients achieve the look and feel they want. We turn houses into homes by using only the best products available and never sacrificing customer service.

We understand that noise pollution affects your day-to-day life and want our customers to sleep well so they can enjoy life. We make it easy with our affordable noise reduction timber casement windows, sash windows and bespoke products. Call the Hugo Carter team to arrange a site visit and quote today.

Want to see (hear) for yourself? Check out our video here.

A Sustainable Material

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Timber is the most commonly used building material that requires the least amount of energy to produce. Requiring very little industrial expense in their cultivation, timber forests can do more to combat pollution and climate change than they add to it. It is difficult to imagine uPVC window manufacturers making similar claims.

Renewable, recyclable and durable, forestry and timber production, does a great deal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and thus reduce our carbon footprint. The Carbon Sink Effect means woodland extract carbon from the atmosphere and store it in the ‘reservoir’ of the forest. This system of carbon control was endorsed by the Kyoto Protocol back in 1997.

Forests provide an absolute wealth of benefits, from the timber that they produce, and their contribution to flood control sustenance to recreational use for travelers, hikers and nature lovers. This means, in the case of commercial timber, understanding how they are managed and only using sustainably and responsibly sourced wood.

At Hugo Carter, we know where the timber we use comes from. All our timber window frames are created using wood from sources accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and come with Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). We can prove each step of our supply chain is well within the guidelines laid out for ethically sourced wood in the UK by industry. It is easy for us, and for you as the end customer, to trace back the source of the timber we use. You can be confident that our materials come from a reputable and ethically sound source.

Timber Windows: The Results

At Hugo Carter, you can choose from a range of noise-reducing acoustic windows. They are guaranteed to bring a new level of tranquillity to your property. You will be surprised by the dramatic difference we can make with acoustic soundproofing and made-to-measure timber frames.
You can reduce noise by up to 45 decibels – far outperforming what is possible with ‘regular’ uPVC double glazing alone.

You can also check The Definitive Guide to Soundproof Windows & Doors to learn more about how we eradicate the harmful effects of noise pollution for our customers.

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