Understanding Noise Reduction Improvements

July 11th, 2018

Hugo Carter has spent years on R&D, tweaking, re-tweaking and re-re-tweaking our designs in order to offer the best noise reduction value possible. It’s taken us 2 years to shut out an extra 2dB on our sash windows alone.

One way we have achieved this is through sound imaging in order to pinpoint where precisely low-frequency noise was penetrating. Using this imaging technique we were able to understand where exactly noises of a frequency between 20-40Hz were managing to get through – an issue we managed to remedy through strategic damper placement.

Sorama – Visualising Sound & Vibrations

A company that we have been following closely for a while now, Sorama is a company that specialises in sound visualisation and have done some incredible work in making people’s living and working conditions a great deal more pleasant.

One of their really impressive developments was with the Italian company SITGroup who work on developing systems designed for the safety, comfort, and performance of gas equipment. Coming together to reduce the noise output of their boilers in development of their new silent boiler range ‘SunFlower’, they examined the current system in order to see where exactly the noise was being transferred outside of the boiler.

Through visualising boiler’s noise pollution, they discovered that the sound was being produced dynamically which required a considered approach rather than a simple dampening technique. This lead to a reduction of 5dB which in the close quarters of a small apartment building is truly remarkable.

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