New Tenants: Installing New Noise Reduction Windows Before Moving In

July 11th, 2018

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive at Hugo Carter is from tenants who are considering purchasing a property, but want to ensure that it’s ready to move straight into without having the bothersome complications of an installation crew or scaffolding on site. Often they will find the ideal home, but notice that the sound pollution is really quite bothersome and before they fall out of love with their purchase they ask, “can I get your noise reduction windows installed before my actual move in date?”

The simple answer is yes, but, as with all things, nothing is that simple.

What You Need To Know About Our Process

At Hugo Carter, we require a full inspection of the property and its current windows before we can even think about beginning the project, prior to this we will need to take a phone survey to understand your needs. So if you don’t even have access to the property, or can’t divulge this information, then, unfortunately, we will have to wait until you can.

If the current tenants are still living in the property, we would not install the new windows unless expressly allowed to by them. As the process from survey to installation lasts between 8-10 weeks anyway, we would ask that if this is the case, the property’s current occupants let us in, in order for us to inspect the fittings and fixtures and to take measurements and readings of the noise pollution. That way we can fully form a quote for you based on our unique solution to individual noise complaints and at least get the project underway.

If you are thinking about remaining elsewhere until the work is complete, you must bear in mind that whilst the installation process itself won’t take very long, the manufacturing process does. We don’t supply made to measure windows, everything is constructed from scratch in order to ensure the perfect fit, and so you may want to consider this before beginning the process too.

New Tenants In Conservation Areas

As our windows are highly tailored, a lot of clientele reside in conservation areas where like for like replacements are a necessity. This is something we specialise in manufacturing, however, you will need to get planning permission before we can make any changes to the property. Again, this needs to be considered before you begin the process as attaining permission can add a considerable amount of time onto the estimated installation date.

Working With External Construction Crews & Contractors
We have worked with all types of people in all situations and are completely adept at working around current construction crews and contractors if there is work already ongoing on the property. So don’t worry about calling them off and asking us to fit on a separate day, we are more than happy to work around the site, and have flexible delivery times in order to ensure a smooth operation.

Do you have any questions for us about the installation of windows in a new property that we haven’t answered here? Get in touch in the comments below or give us a call and one of our team will be happy to address your concerns!

Image by Hakan Dahlstrom

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