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July 11th, 2018

I’m sure you’ve been plagued for years by cold callers offering you exclusive double glazing deals, or accosted by salesmen as you leave the supermarket with your weekly shop. It’s become such an issue now, that when people think of double glazing, it’s synonymous with pushy sales techniques and deals that quite frankly seem too good to be true.

Well, we want to change that perception. At Hugo Carter, we pride ourselves on finding the best solution for each individual client. That’s why all of our prospective customers get a free quote and evaluation so that we can ensure we are doing our best for them.

With plenty of packages available, it’s also worth knowing what your options are before you buy. So here’s a brief run-down of what you can expect from installing new double glazing systems in your home.

Heat Insulation From Double Glazing

Whether you have sash or casement windows, the benefits of installing double glazing are instantly recognisable in regards to the ambient temperature of your property. Where single glazed units will allow heat to flood out of your property, double glazing’s two-frame system creates a barrier which prevents such drastic loss. Translated into money saved, A-rated double glazing (the best available) can save £400 or more on your yearly bill.

That’s a pretty good return when moving into a new family home, where savings can reach around £8,211 over a 20 year period in a semi-detached property. This is also calculated to save 22 tonnes of Carbon dioxide over the same period of time. For a more detailed estimation of what it could save on your property try out this energy saving calculator. 

Acoustic Insulation From Double Glazing

Aside from keeping you warm in the winter, double glazing’s biggest bonus is the sound insulation that it provides.

We’ve found that many people will move into their new properties, only to find out that there’s a late night club down the road, or air traffic rotating overhead. It’s an unbearable nuisance for anyone, not least those with small children.

In most cases where noise pollution is a minimal disturbance, outweighed by the need to keep the heat in, our standard double glazed window units are what we’d suggest.

Though simple double glazing units can offer noticeable reductions in noise pollution when compared to their single glazed competitors, the set up of standard units generally don’t offer the best the market can offer.

Instead, when noise pollution is a real nuisance, we suggest installing noise reduction windows, which offer far greater acoustic insulation. By using asymmetrically thick panes of glass, the sound waves are mitigated a great deal more than in systems where the panes of glass are of the same thickness. To find out more about the benefits of different double glazing installation packages, give us a call!

Image by Alan Stanton

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