How Office Managers Can Create A Productive Work Environment

July 26th, 2022

Are you responsible for your team’s office environment? Chances are, you are probably feeling the pressure. More than ever, staff need to feel happy in their working environment. Too much noise, distraction and interruption and their productivity is likely to suffer.

Why is a good working environment important? Creating a productive work environment is essential if you’re going to keep staff happy and motivated. As working from home increases in popularity, there’s pressure to make any office a welcoming and rewarding place to be. In this article, we look at why and how our range of soundproof windows might help.

The Effects Of Work Environment On Productivity

Up to 25% of employee satisfaction issues can, according to surveys, be directly related to the work environment. From incidents of staff absenteeism and sickness to missing quality assurance targets, maintaining a positive work environment can avoid many problems.

Poor levels of maintenance, for example, can have a hugely negative effect on employee wellbeing. Nobody likes coming to a place that feels tired, tatty or unkempt. Wear and tear can contribute to accidents as well through trip hazards, plumbing issues and electrical problems. It’s hard to be productive if you don’t feel safe.

Interior design that feels ergonomically designed around employee needs improves concentration and focus at work. If your computer screen is the right size, for example, you are going to be able to use it for longer. Desks at the right height, enough storage, space to walk around freely and enough bathrooms all add up to a positive working environment.   

The same is true of calm and relaxed acoustics. Excessive noise can create physical and mental stresses, interfere with communication and concentration, lead to poor quality work and contribute to workplace accidents and injuries.  In extreme cases, prolonged exposure to noise can lead to hearing loss and long-term health implications.  Acoustics is a key factor that needs consideration when planning your work environment.  

We have consulted the experts and have written a quick guide to help you make work better in your environment.  Considering the below factors will help you maintain and improve levels of productivity in your workplace. 

Allow For Hybrid and Remote Ways Of Working

Increasingly employees are asking for flexible working practices. The UK Office of National Statistics put the figure of hybrid workers at 24% of the UK workforce. As a result, integrating office and remote working is now more important than ever. Think carefully about how you can make the experience seamless. This includes choosing the right phone, email, chat and remote meeting software.

If people are only in the office occasionally, you might need to consider a hot desk policy or similar sharing of resources. This will have an impact on the workplace environment. How can you make your people continue to feel welcomed and valued? 

Provide A Clean and Organised Work Space

A dirty and chaotic workplace is actively damaging to employee health and wellbeing. As well as adding to the risk of accident and illness, it sends a message about how much value is placed on a team’s performance. Staff can quickly lose interest in being in an unpleasant environment, take more leave or call in sick. This will cause low morale for others that stick around too.   

By keeping things neat and tidy, you send a message to your employees that their work is important. Take care of the appearance of your workplace and, it follows, your employees will take care of their work. You’ll see positivity mirrored in your people.   

Invest In Quality Office Furniture

Office furniture is key to the working environment. Your choice of desks, chairs, storage and other pieces will impact the level of productivity and professionalism you can expect from your people. As a minimum, each item needs to function well.

If a desk wobbles in a meeting room, it’s unlikely to create the feeling of success you are aiming for. Chairs that are uncomfortable will be nothing but a distraction. 

The best way to ensure your office furniture will support your employees is to embrace ergonomic design. Ergonomics refers to the science of designing equipment specifically for use by people.

Applied to the workplace, it means designing specifically to maximise productivity by reducing operator fatigue, discomfort and distraction.

Enable Strong Communication

Communication is the reason many people think open-plan offices are the most productive work environments. Splitting up teams across office spaces can prove a barrier to effective communication. We have all experienced the frustration of a boss who keeps their door firmly closed.

Well-designed meeting rooms, space for breaks and coffee stations all provide opportunities for regular communication. Whether it’s formal or informal, providing space for team members to spend time together will make your workplace more productive.  

Reduce Office Noise Pollution

positive work environment

A workplace where noise is over 65db is considered hazardous. This is why, on a noisy site, you see people with ear defenders. Loud noise in an office space, however, is not acceptable and will have a seriously detrimental effect on your productivity. 

There are lots of steps you can take to avoid excessive noise, but the best is often soundproof windows and doors. They can mask traffic and aircraft noise and keep the sound of music or crowds from distracting your work.

At Hugo Carter, we are experts at working with businesses, commercial property owners and landlords to fight noise pollution. Talk to us about a site visit. We can assess your workplace and provide details of possible solutions.

Celebrate Successes

Your work environment is the ideal place to show the world how successful you are. By taking pride in it, you instil similar pride in your workforce. Visitors are always impressed by carefully designed and well-maintained offices. A strong look and feel combined with quiet efficiency ooze corporate confidence. Enjoy making your work environment as positive as it can be. You’ll see the results mirrored in your employees and customers.   

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As you can see, if you are considering soundproof windows to fight Heathrow Airport noise or similar issues, we can help.

Hugo Carter is a trusted and expert provider of soundproof windows. We work closely with clients to understand exactly what solution they need – then provide it.

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