The Benefits of Acoustic Insulation Windows

July 11th, 2018

It can be a terrible pain to move into a new home and find out that just around the corner is a late night bar or a road that doesn’t quiet down until 4 in the morning, but you don’t have to suffer in silence (or the lack thereof).

We often have clients inquiring as to what benefits they can expect from installing acoustic insulation windows in their property, and whether it is actually worth them doing.

The simple answer is that if you are experiencing a great deal of noise in your property, it is absolutely beneficial for you, though depending upon the extent of the problem the solution can vary.

What are the Solutions?

Secondary Glazing Units

  • These are used in properties where there may be an issue with noise insulation but it isn’t a big enough problem to require a whole overhaul of the window unit.
  • Mostly for small amounts of noise traffic/social environment.

Acoustic Insulation Windows

  • This system is a lot more expensive and requires a complete overhaul of the windows units in your home.
  • Used when houses suffer from a great deal of traffic/overhead aircraft/industrial processes.

What Difference Will I Hear?

With either solution, there will be a noticeable reduction in ambient sound getting into your property. With the installation of acoustic insulation windows, you will see the most dramatic difference of over 30 dB

Put it like this:

  • 1dB is an unnoticeable reduction in noise levels
  • 5 dB represents a noticeable reduction in noise
  • 10 dB is double a reduction in sound disturbances

Therefore with the installation of soundproofing glass and window frames, you will encounter only a sixth of noise that you previously would have. A truly startling reduction.

What Other Benefits Will I See?

By default, these systems will also help with heat insulation which can produce a marked decrease in your heating bill all year round.

The most reported difference, however, is that many people find themselves feeling a lot better having been able to relax at home and getting a night of undisturbed sleep. Children and babies aren’t woken up and you’ll save yourself from the pains of crushing a pillow over your ears at night.

The addition of these windows will also add value to your property, plus they are available in new and updated styles that will enhance your home’s aesthetic.

All in all, if the noise of your street or local environment is keeping you up at night, then acoustic insulation can provide you with very perceptible benefits.

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