Planting Trees For Every Order

July 11th, 2018

Sustainability is something that I personally care a great deal about. We are, as a species, extremely voracious in our consumption of the world’s spoils but, for the most part, are pretty reluctant to give back.

With global industries turning out millions upon millions of products, from kettles and keychains to chewing gum and chicken feed, we are consuming far more energy and natural resources than the planet can produce. Unless the dinosaurs were themselves running multinationals manufacturing toys for the young’uns, this is something that has not been seen before, with our prolonged jaunt into sapping the soil a worrying walk into lands unknown.

We have no clue what our actual impact is on the planet, with many scientists conflicted by the argument of global warming and our effects on the environment. As far as I can see it, it’s a simple matter of giving and taking. If we’re going to procure our resources, we need to find a way to do so with minimal damage to the environment and local ecosystems.

One such way we have found to do this is by planting a tree for every order that is placed with us. We see it as a way that we can give back and show thanks for the natural resources that allow us to have this fantastic business.

It’s always been a passion of mine to work with wood. From early childhood, I would knock things together, from rapidly dilapidating skate ramps in my mother’s back garden to rickety shelving units. It simply made sense for me to follow my passion and embark on a career with timber and construction.

However, it was when I began studying architecture in college that I was turned on to the fact that as an industry professional you ought to have a firm grasp on your environmental impact. Since then I’ve become a champion of sustainable and conscientious wood use.

So, as I was saying, we plant a tree in Bisham woods for every order, ensuring that our future, not only as a business but as a society is secured. Trees provide us with far more than just beautiful timber for our bespoke window frames and we want to show the ancient woods, that our ancestors once roamed in some respect.

Image by  PavelP

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