Choosing Bi-Fold Doors To Maximise Space

July 12th, 2018

Doors are necessary. Without them we wouldn’t be able to get in and out of things very easily, or have things to attach door handles to, and they’re pretty good at keeping the cold out as well. All fantastic points, but often their placement within a property is a matter of logistical necessity as opposed to aesthetic desire. They often become fixtures because they need to be, and hang like drab sheets of A1 paper on the sides of your room; boring, uninspired, ugly, and with a large turning circle that encroaches into the space you have in the room to begin with.

The best architectural solution for maximizing space in a property is to use bi-fold doors. No, they’re not earth shatteringly groundbreaking, but they are often overlooked in lieu of the traditional door and that’s a crying shame.

People often think of cheap MDF closets, but there are high end bi-fold doors which not only maximise space, but do so in a way that is both beautiful and striking. Opposed to the chipboard versions that will make your skin crawl, glass panelled bi-fold doors, or sturdy oak options will not cheapen the look of a room, but instead add a dynamism to it, a talking point and, fundamentally, value, as you are optimising the available floor-space.

The beauty of internal bi-fold doors is that they can turn one room into two, acting as dividers which will change the functionality of the space you have. Whether you want a long dining room, or a cosy living room, they take up very little ground-space, and can have a massive impact on not only how you view your property but how you use it too.

Architecturally speaking this is heaven-sent. It allows for a fluidity in design and a continuation in theme from one room to the next. It also allows for the clear division of areas too and, for the creative architects and interior decorators amongst you, a real buzzing minefield of ideas as to how you can play with function.

High end bi-fold doors will also offer a decent amount of soundproofing too, so if you did want to divide a living space for your children, or quiet study areas, they can still afford you the silent luxury that internal heavy oak doors can give you without the restrictions of form.

Quite simply when it comes down to maximising space, soundproof bi-fold doors are a real smart move and can be a really unique and interesting approach to interior design.

Have we got your creative juices flowing? Take a look at our range of bi-fold doors and other soundproof internal doors to see whether you can get any ideas!

Image by GranitArchitects

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