Bringing a Victorian House Into the 21st Century

July 12th, 2018

Trend inspirations can come and go but if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a period property, emphasising the original features with a contemporary design really brings a period property into its own.

The great thing about styling a period property is how original features can offset contemporary design by using style modern styles with heritage aspects to both compliment older property and highlight your personal taste.

By mixing interior designs with classic features such as backsplash tiles a bare kitchen can be balanced with Scandinavian minimal lighting and a vintage rustic farmhouse style tables to mix-up a heritage layouts with industrial pieces. In stark contrast to traditional elements such as a tiling and ornate borders, you always have space you play about with lighting, accessories, and elements of colour.

Kitchens are relaxed spaces, and this use of contemporary work surfaces and appliances work with the traditional undertones of tiling and sash windows to create a homely yet fashionable space, which works as a functional space whilst looking chic and inviting.

Open shelves, simple storage units, and crisp cupboards all make a fantastic backdrop to the small collections memories that make up important parts of your home. From Tuscan bowls to Moroccan carpets, eccentric assortments play-up the notable heritage feature of an older property.

But that doesn’t mean to say your home has to be a homage to minimalist design, with white cube walls and bare furnishings. Unprimed walls, bare frames, and dark wood floors show an alternative to the Victorian conversion. The stripped back, raw interiors of this bedroom really highlight the clean interiors by contrasting a back to basics approach with simple elegant modern features making a space both cosy and contemporary.

Victorian properties are built to maximise light. Bay windows, high ceilings open fireplaces make amazing focal points, but there’s always room to compliment them with other pieces. Conversion properties can be electric; they don’t have to be strict to one style or era this makes them a great space to bring together a range of designs.


Images source: Paul Massey, Alvhem, Petra Bindel, Bertrand Benoit
Via Lotta Agaton, My Scandinavian Home with thanks

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