Proud to Support The Woodland Trust

July 11th, 2018

A charity that is close to our hearts, The Woodland Trust is a conservation charity which seeks to protect and manage the UK’s woodlands. Started by Kenneth Watkins OBE in 1972, the trust now owns over 80 woods in Scotland and an astounding 850 in England, covering 25,000 acres of land.

Surviving on donations from memberships, corporate sponsors and charitable trusts such as lottery funding as well as landfill tax, The Woodland Trust is always open to new donations. You can also sponsor the trust to plant a tree in your name, as we do with every order that is placed with us.

In the years that it’s been running, the Trust has faced an incredible amount of pressure from groups looking to build on their land. Now they have been taking the fight to the big companies, recently campaigning against the HS2 rail network that is proposed to cut through the British countryside.

Though often overlooked as a charity, The Woodland Trust is a very important part of our country’s culture. It conserves ancient woodlands that stand as an epitaph to the generations that have gone before us. The forests are part of our historical heritage, having seen many battles, the revolutions of society and the development of modern culture. Whilst it’s very easy in this day and age to forget about nature and be cocooned in the urban environment, we must remember the benefits that British woodlands bring us.

From absorbing excess pollution from the air to reducing the possibility of flooding, the woodlands are beneficial in many ways to everyone. Possibly the best thing about the trust, however, is that you can go and visit the forests yourself! There’s nothing I enjoy more than taking a long winter’s walk through some of England’s wonderful forestry. Hearing the cold, hard twigs crack underfoot as a layer of frost permeates the grounds. It’s a fantastic experience, free and fun for all the family!

The closest Woodland Trust forest to London is probably Whitings Wood in Barnet, North London. Covering 17.5 acres, it’s not an ancient wood, having been planted in 1996, but it’s really come into its own in recent years. Another woodland definitely worth a visit is Penn Wood in Buckinghamshire, an ancient forest more than 400 years old it offers spectacular views and breathtaking scenery. Check out their site and learn about what you can do to get involved in the effort!

We hugely support the Woodland Trust and their efforts to protect woodlands, as part of our support we plant a tree for every order we receive in order to do our part to help woodlands from being destroyed.


Image by Alison Christine

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