Like-for-Like Window Replacement

July 11th, 2018

Local Authorities are very strict on the ways in which you can enhance, or even repair properties in conversation areas. Requiring extensive planning permission, most buildings in these protected zones can get around the need for planning permission when they commission precise like-for-like replacement fittings when their windows are in need of repair, or upgrading.

Protected under Article 4, legislated in 1995, Local Authorities have the right to restrict you painting your house a different colour, changing any distinctive doors or windows, or other architectural details that may be representative of the building’s period or historical importance.

This boils down to even the most minute of details, from the exact size of the frames and its architraves to the mullions and drips. Only replacement frames that will exactly match are deemed acceptable, and there are only a few window fitting companies that are capable of replicating such windows.

Like For Like Windows

At Hugo Carter, we are one of the few; offering timber frame solutions to any of your conservation building needs. Our expert team will come to your property to evaluate the situation and discern what precisely the project will entail.

We will then return with a full team who will be responsible for collating all the measurements of the frames, the window panes, the architraves, and sills. The same guys will also make a detailed list of all the small little details, mullions and drips, sashes and pulley systems taking extensive measurements and photographs to ensure that our design and development team have the precise details required to begin manufacturing your new windows.

Then we will set to work, sourcing the exact same materials to create the windows to the exacting measurements and functionality as the originals. It is also very important that the finished aesthetic is an exacting match, meaning that we will also source the precise colour and style of finish for your frames too.

We can, however, improve upon certain elements of the window’s designs, upgrading the glass used to give you more thermal insulation and noise reduction through the installation of our bespoke sash pulley systems.

Upgrading your windows to modern standards with like for like replacements in listed buildings and conservation areas can really add genuine value to a property, futureproofing them from repair and providing better energy efficiency with subsequent savings on your energy bills.

If you’re considering replacing your windows then please get in touch with us and we’d be happy to discuss it with you!

Image by Les Chatfield

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