Cheap Sash Windows in London: Replacing Windows in a Period Property

September 10th, 2017

Home repairs can become costly very quickly, especially when you are looking to update your windows in a period property. However investing in quality, authentic sash windows will save you money in the long term.

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Photo: Studiodare Architects Ltd

What is a period property?

Technically, any property that can be placed in a particular period, whether that is 100 or 1000 years ago is a period property. An English Heritage listed property is one that is protected by law and usually predates 1840. Some modern buildings are listed too.

The joy of owning, and living in, a listed building are of course obvious but come with their pitfalls. If you’re looking to replace your windows in a listed property keeping costs down can be difficult. In a period property that is not listed, whilst there are no laws forcing you to install windows in-keeping with the rest of the property, it can bring down the value of your home if you do not. So how do you compromise?

Firstly, why are you looking for cheap sash windows in London?

If the wood around your windows is damaged, it can be repaired by any good carpenter. This solution will allow you to retain your original windows whilst updating and refreshing their look. Repairing damaged wood will also improve the efficiency of windows and help to combat noise pollution.

However, if you have noticed that your home is cold and draughty, or that your energy bills are becoming unaffordable, it might be time to take the plunge and replace your windows.

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Photo: James Hargreaves Bathrooms

Cheap is not always the way forward.

Your best option might be bespoke sash windows, providing the beauty of original windows, with an array of modern conveniences. Consider your replacement as a modern interpretation of the original. This way you maintain the look and feel of your period property, but are free to enjoy the benefits of modern technology- security, sustainability and energy efficiency. Not to mention blocking out all the noise pollution associated with living in a big city. Keep out the cold and dust and feel cozy in your own space with well-crafted windows.

If your home is located in a listed building, or conservation area you can replace your windows like for like in order to comply with building regulations. Whilst this is also not a cheap option, it is the perfect solution for modern living, whilst paying homage to your unique property.

Hugo Carter makes bespoke timber sash windows that honour the heritage of England’s architecture.

Our work is not cheap. Not in price, or quality, but we are affordable! Our team work with your to create sash windows that reflect the architectural beauty of your home. We source the same materials as your current windows and find the exact colour finish for your frames.

Our glass provides thermal insulation and noise reduction and all our timber is sustainable. By replacing your windows with us, you’re doing your bit for the environment. Add value to your property, protect them in the long-term and raise your standard of living. All by choosing Hugo Carter for your cheap sash windows for your London property.

Made to last, our team work with you to design windows that fit your property and meet your everyday needs. Secure, beautiful and efficient, you’ll save plenty of money in the long run.

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