Resolving a recurring conservation conundrum

Living in a conservation area can be a very wonderful thing. Except perhaps when you have to make improvements to your home… and you come up against all manner of planning restrictions.
September 4th, 2017

And if you’re living in an area where the outside noise level is seriously disrupting your home life, then things can get even more complicated.

This was exactly the situation for a client whose young family was struggling to sleep at night. As the level of noise reduction needed was over 30dB – that’s effectively a case of reducing the noise to ONE THOUSANDTH of its original level – then a sash window was not going to be enough.

So this was the dilemma our client faced:

  • On the one hand, they needed a level of noise reduction not possible with a traditional sash window – even with our own acoustic sash windows.
  • On the other hand, they needed to ensure that the outside aesthetic of the house was not at odds with the the rest of the house – or the wider conservation area.

Happily we had a solution: a high performance window. Two key things to know here about this window:

  • It is able to reduce the decibels by a massive 51dB.
  • And even though it operates like a casement window (opening inwardly), its appearance mimics a sash window – so it looks perfectly in keeping with the rest of our client’s home.

In addition, there have been multiple other benefits for this client – in terms of increased security, and enhanced thermal protection and reduced heating bills. It’s another example of just how bespoke all our windows are; no two are the same.

And the moral of this story is. If you’re in a similar situation, the best solution may be one that you didn’t imagine existed: a sash window that isn’t!

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