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Hardwood Timber And Softwood Timber

9th August 2018

Many clients who come to us often find themselves at the threshold of refurbishment, looking to renovate their house for the first time. Understandably at this point they don’t much of an idea about what it is they want to do, let alone how they’re going to do it or with what. One question that […]

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engineered timber

Engineered Timber in the Window and Door industry

Look along any street these days and you are sure to see uPVC windows and doors on most houses, as they are both energy efficient and very low maintenance. Aluminum frames are also very popular of late, meaning that traditional timber windows are not as prevalent as they once were—until now that is. With the […]

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Energy Loss vs Energy Saving

Whilst a major concern with old single glazed windows is that they simply let in too much noise, there is a shining problem with energy efficiency that they have also inherited. Often new double glazed, energy efficient windows, will offer a marked 30% increase in heat preservation compared to the old brand. Poorly constructed, or often […]

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ecological cars

Ecological Cars

I’m a lover of all things to do with design. Whether that’s the architraves on our new timber window system or the engine within a Mercedes-Benz. I enjoy looking at not only the beauty of the model but understanding how and why it was created in such a way. There’s something about the sleek and […]

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Draught Proofing

As the winter kicks and screams its way through February, and your bones are chilled, well, to the bone, the last thing you want to come home to is the freezing cold house. It’s around this time that you start to notice those little cracks under doors and nooks that allow a whispering draught to […]

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stained glass 2

Decorative Glazing

Many people will know of stained glass and the majestic windows that have been created with it throughout the ages. From the hallowed churches displaying the testaments in full coloured majesty, to the advent of modern stained glass and its application as an art form, it always adds another dimension to what otherwise would be […]

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stained glass

A Brief History of Stained Glass

Stained glass has a rich and colourful 1000 year history. Whilst many people may think of it as a bright and illustrious material that fills the hallowed halls of Churches with pretty pictures marking the life of Christ, this doesn’t take into consideration the incredible amount of artistic and scientific craftsmanship that has to go into creating […]

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A Brief History of Lead Glass

Though uncommon nowadays, owing to the fact that we’ve discovered that the chemical is poisonous, lead glass was once a common material used in the construction of many things from liquid vessels to windows throughout the ages. Empire to empire, lead glass was used in various forms for its decorative properties. The inclusion of lead […]

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thermal glass

What’s Thermal Low-E Glass

7th August 2018

Thermal Low-E glass (short for low-emissivity), is a type of special energy efficient glass which is designed to prevent heat loss through windows. A coating on the glass creates an invisible layer which reduces the amount of heat transferred out of the window, as well as by reflecting the heat back into the room. These […]

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Waterbased traffic

Timber Windows & Doors Need Protecting

Everything in your home that faces the outside world, including timber windows and external door frames, has to suffer the worst aspects of the climate that our environment has to offer. Wind, rain, ice and cold one minute, searing heat and direct sunshine the next. How to respond? This short blog from our team of […]

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Vacuum Glazing

With the width of single glazing, vacuum glazed windows offer the same thermal insulation as their double glazed counterparts. The question is, how? How Does Vacuum Glazing Work? Unlike Dyson Hoovers, which frankly no-one apart from Jeremy Dyson understands, the mechanics of vacuum glazing is really rather straightforward. Instead of using air or other combinations […]

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The Problem of Pollution

Pollution has become a major global problem ever since the Industrial Revolution. We have been burning gasses and producing chemicals at a noxious rate for over a century now and it’s becoming more and more evident that this is extremely detrimental to our health and the planet’s future. We need only look at the pictures […]

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How Our Soundproof Windows Work

Acoustic windows are the total solution to the problem of noise pollution. As opposed to other stop-gap solutions, such as secondary glazing, acoustic windows target sound reduction on every single level, ensuring the best results possible. Whilst lots of articles on the subject tend to give off a wealth of figures about the results you […]

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Small Space Solution – Soundproof Folding Doors

Small is the new spacious, in terms of city living that is. Brands such as Ikea have been preaching that lack of square footage is not a problem, and present plenty of furniture options to make the most of what little space you do have. Searching for “small space solutions” reveals numerous Pinterest boards full […]

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Security Glass

Security Glass

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a world in which we can leave our doors unlocked and our houses protected. Whilst we don’t want to scaremonger, as the threat of a break in is relatively low, it is always a weight off of your shoulders knowing that your house is as secure as it can be. […]

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Buildings Old town

Is placing uPVC in older buildings wrong?

The swathe of uPVC windows being fitted in period buildings reached such an alarming peak a few years ago that the English Heritage took to the streets in a countrywide campaign to stop the influx of plastic double glazed windows. Whilst you would have heard a great deal of support for keeping the period look […]

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Noise Reduction Windows

How Do Noise Reduction Windows compare To Double And Single Glazed Units?

When it comes to ensuring that your home truly is a castle, noise reduction windows are one way of bringing peaceful days and silent nights, but how do they compare in regards to double and single glazed units? We decided to do a little investigating! Noise Reduction Well, it sort of goes without saying that […]

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multilayered timber

Why Our Timber Window Frames Are Multi-Layered

We craft all our bespoke noise-reduction windows. The frames which house our acoustically engineered glass are all made-to-measure to the nearest millimetre. One major concern when crafting our bespoke timber window frames is the ‘movement’ of the wood that we use in construction. Typically timber falls into one of three categories – large, medium or […]

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Different Ironmongery

Window ironmongery is also known as ‘window furniture’, though of course, it’s not the process of attaching a 3 piece suite to your casements, but rather the small little add-ons, flushes, and flights of fancy that can turn your windows into something uniquely individual. We often include ironmongery into our bespoke window designs, taking into […]

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Installing Soundproof Windows When Redecorating a Victorian House

Soundproof windows can change your life by decreasing noise pollution and improving your quality of sleep. A study by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) found that high levels of noise pollution in London are linked to early death and a greater risk of stroke (2015).  Issues with health and wellbeing are […]

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Window Frame

The Importance Of The Right Humidity In Window Frame Construction

It is extremely important for the timber used in window frame construction to have been acclimatised before the frames are put in place. Timber that is too wet or too dry can cause a range of problems, from minute aesthetic issues to important safety concerns. The reason for this is that wood is a hygroscopic […]

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Klemens Torggler's 'Evolution Door'

Klemens Torggler’s ‘Evolution Door’

12th July 2018

I like doors. Doors are cool. They help me get into rooms and buildings and stop the cold air and intruders from getting in. But then, that’s mostly all they do. Sometimes I look at a door and wonder what it is that we can do with it. How can we innovate the design? How can we […]

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The Close Salisbury

Why Pick Triple Glazing?

Double glazing is everywhere, and unless you have been living under a rock you will know all about its energy efficiency and capacity to reduce noise pollution compared to older single pane windows. What you may not be aware of is the fact that triple glazing is now an affordable option when building or renovating […]

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double glazing in conservation area

Upgrading to Double Glazing in a Conservation Area or in a Listed Building

12th March 2018

A great deal of older buildings still have their original single glazing units intact which may suit the aesthetic of the property, but can be a real pain year round, especially in winter when you will be pouring money into heating your house only to have it float away with the winds. The obvious solution […]

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Why always timber and never UVPC?

31st October 2017

When it comes to constructing noise reduction windows and doors, there are certain things we won’t touch with a bargepole. (Not even a fine oak bargepole.) We’re talking about ‘hollow’ materials such as aluminium and UPVC that ‘leak’ noise and are highly unlikely to last you a lifetime. By contrast, what we insist on building […]

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How does NASA prepare astronauts for the silence of space?

And let’s throw another question into the mix, for good measure: “Why is the quietest place on earth so noisy?” In our pursuit of creating a tranquillity that transforms, we do have some memorable ‘aha’ moments. Such as? When we realised that it’s actually possible to have ‘too much’ quiet. … and that there’s a […]

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uPVC – A Tragic Love Story

19th November 2013

For years now I assume you, like me, have been plagued by cold calling double glazing salesmen trying to offload their products in order to earn themselves a commission. These people have no interest in the actual properties of the products they are selling, the effects they might be having upon the environment or the […]

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Hardwood Timber and Softwood Timber

23rd October 2013

Many clients who come to us often find themselves at the threshold of refurbishment, looking to renovate their house for the first time. Understandably at this point, they don’t much of an idea about what it is they want to do, let alone how they’re going to do it or with what. One question that […]

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