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Draught window

Easy Ways To Draught Proof Your Home

23rd July 2021

If you’re a homeowner concerned with your energy consumption, the subject of draught-proofing windows and doors is surely one you have to consider carefully. Unless you stop air draughts under doors or through your windows, you will keep contributing to global warming and wasting money on heating bills. Your energy is literally and figuratively going […]

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What Is Kyoto 2015 ?

7th August 2018

The year 2015 is the time at which the successor the Kyoto Protocol is set to be finalised, with the deadline for implementation set for 2020, when the Kyoto Protocol’s agreement is up. What is the Kyoto Protocol? First signed in 1997, then brought into effect in 2005, the Kyoto Protocol, or Kyoto Agreement, is […]

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custom windows

Tips and Tricks on Maintaining Custom Windows

Just like any appliance or feature in your house, other parts need regular maintenance too – and that includes your custom windows. Proper maintenance is a vital part of keeping your sash, casement or other windows in good working condition and helping them last longer. It doesn’t even have to be weekly maintenance work, annual maintenance […]

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The Green Deal

As you may have recently read in the news, the government’s Green Deal cashback scheme has been shut down in the past week due to an overwhelming flood of applicants looking to make take advantage. The final £70million that was available as part of the scheme was taken up in a staggering three days. The cashback deal […]

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best harwood

Simple Tips on How to Choose the Best Hardwood for Windows

If it is time to replace your old windows of yours, you’re probably deciding what type of window you’d like. Wood? uPVC? Something else? Whether you are in the market for prefabricated windows or prefer bespoke windows, you need to keep in mind that it is advisable to make your choice keeping in mind the […]

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production of timber

Production of Timber

Last year we finally saw the introduction of strict EU regulations (the EUTR) on the import and consumption of illegally harvested timber. With illegal logging constituting around 30% of the global market, and the EU accounting for around 35% of timber consumption, this has to lead to a massive increase in timber production within the […]

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solar panels

Natural Sustainable Construction Materials

I’m truly passionate about sustainability. It’s at the core of our ethos at Hugo Carter, and something I try and champion in my everyday life. I feel we have a duty to the planet to respect the resources we have, and in this modern age, we don’t really have an excuse for being ignorant of […]

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Carbon Footprint Reduction

12th July 2018

It’s the fashionable thing to do nowadays, with many celebrities jumping on board the crusade to reduce our carbon footprints, and so slow the rapid progression towards global warming. The ironic thing is that many of these A-listers, who have been campaigning for lowering carbon emissions, will do so whilst travelling around the planet on their […]

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Ethically-Sourced Timber

Timber is the most commonly used building material that required the least amount of energy to produce. Requiring very little industrial expense in its cultivation, plantations will often do more to combat pollution and climate change than they will to add to it. Renewable, recyclable and durable, forestry, and by proxy timber production, does a great […]

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green deal double glazing

How to Buy Green Deal Double Glazing Timber Windows

11th July 2018

Double glazing is one of the best ways to upgrade your home to a more efficient and green deal home. Making your home more efficient will lower your energy utility bills by reducing the amount of heat loss that occurs through your windows. You can rely on double glazing to provide you with a cost-effective […]

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Sash Windows Shutters

Box Sash Windows: Things You Need to Know When Repairing or Upgrading

19th September 2017

Even though box sash windows are usually from buildings or houses built in the 18th or 19th century, there is no truth to the perception that they are not replaceable or salvageable. In fact, they can be salvaged intact and restored in excellent condition to give your period house a complete look for a long […]

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