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Get Hand Crafted Bespoke Timber Windows

15th August 2018

If you’re looking for the very best when it comes to bespoke timber windows, then you need to look no further. Hugo Carter bespoke timber windows can help you achieve the look, the comfort, and the quality you want and need for your home. Bespoke wooden windows, or custom windows, are perfect for your home […]

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Our mission is to make certain that your custom windows and doors are just that: custom. We build your windows to your exact specifications in size, shape, and style, and offer you your choice of hundreds of different colours of stains and shades to make your windows fit your home and your personality with ease. […]

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acoustic glass

Acoustic Glass

14th August 2018

What is acoustic glass? Noise reduction double-glazing includes two panes of glass surrounding an inner layer, which acts as a sound barrier to minimise reverberation.  You’ll be surprised at the difference it will make, when correctly integrated with our proprietary soundproof window design. The acoustic glass selected by Hugo Carter includes Stadip Silence by Saint-Gobain, Pilkington, […]

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Our Product - timber

Double Glaze Timber Windows

11th July 2018

Double glazed timber windows are known as an insulted glass unit, or IGU, because they bring together more than one pane of glass to provide your home with better insulation. Our double-glazed windows can help reduce your energy costs by providing an extra layer of protection for your home against the elements outside. Tightly fitted […]

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Windows Decorative Elements

High quality parts ensure that your windows are as close to original heritage products as possible. Some of the materials we use to create windows and doors bespoke in nature include: Integrated glazing bars that provide structural and technological support to your windows without damaging the period look of your home. We replicate glazing bars […]

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When it comes to our windows and doors, there’s nothing we won’t do to ensure that you receive not only a top-quality product, but that you receive exactly the type of top quality product you want. After all, what good are new windows and doors—no matter how beautiful they are—if they don’t have the right […]

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When to Choose Hardwood Windows Over Softwood Windows

If you’re in need of new windows in your home or business, then you’re likely trying to decide what type of window frames you need. Whether you’re purchasing prefabricated windows or you’re electing to have made to measure bespoke windows created for your home or office space, you’ll have to choose between hardwood window frames, […]

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Made to Measure Timber Windows

Made to last a lifetime, made to measure timber windows are a popular choice with our customers. Available in a variety of settings to fit your every window need, our made to measure timber windows are available in any size, for any area of your home, and come in any U-value, from the 1.4 strict […]

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How Do We Measure Noise

Compare Your Windows With Our Silent Line!

We find that all this talk of decibels, wavelengths and pressure waves often overcomplicates our products, leaving our clients more confused than cognisant. And whilst a lot of work has gone into making sure we offer the best reductions in noise pollution available on the market, we find it best to simply demonstrate what our […]

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Paint Finish and Colours

Every home should have energy and sound efficiency, and a personality. That’s why we offer paints and stains in hundreds of different colours from the RAL colour chart and prime every window and door we sell. Properly primed and factory painted timber lasts years longer than traditionally painted wood windows and doors. Your new doors […]

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green deal double glazing

How to Buy Green Deal Double Glazing Timber Windows

Double glazing is one of the best ways to upgrade your home to a more efficient and green deal home. Making your home more efficient will lower your energy utility bills by reducing the amount of heat loss that occurs through your windows. You can rely on double glazing to provide you with a cost-effective […]

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Soundproof Sash Windows

Why Choose Timber Windows From Us?

When you’re looking at the different options available for new windows in your home, you may find that you have too many different options to choose from. You can choose from standardised windows—as long as they fit into the space afforded to you—or you can select bespoke windows that can be fitted with all of […]

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Weatherseals are one of the most important features of all sash and casement windows. They are responsible for stopping draughts and rattling, reducing heat loss and external noise levels, and eliminating dust and dirt. Weatherseals also improve security and extend the lifespan of your windows. We help you reduce energy bills by using the most […]

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Our Product - timber

Finest Quality Timber Made Our Windows

We carefully select the top quality timber from regular suppliers to ensure uniform quality throughout our entire product range. Stringent technical specifications help us to ensure that you receive products that will last for years to come. We know that some types of timber twist and warp in poor weather conditions. But our high quality, […]

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Bespoke windows

The Beauty of Bespoke. (How our noise reduction products are made to measure. To the decibel and to the millimetre.)

28th October 2017

Some words we hear so often that they become meaningless. Others are used in so many different ways, their exact meaning is unclear. So – right now – let’s be clear exactly what we mean when we say we offer ‘bespoke’ windows. Every single one of our windows is unique. And it isn’t just ‘made […]

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