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reduces office noise

8 Effective Ways To Reduce Office Noise

18th August 2022

Too much distraction can mean your employees find it hard to concentrate, communicate or conduct their business effectively. Much of modern office design talks of open plan, easily accessible and collaborative spaces. The concept of calm professional office background noise is firmly established in all our working lives. Unwanted distractions and the need for office […]

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Productive Office Environment

How Office Managers Can Create A Productive Work Environment

26th July 2022

Are you responsible for your team’s office environment? Chances are, you are probably feeling the pressure. More than ever, staff need to feel happy in their working environment. Too much noise, distraction and interruption and their productivity is likely to suffer. Why is a good working environment important? Creating a productive work environment is essential […]

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heathrow plane

Should You Install Soundproof Windows If You Live Near Heathrow Airport?

8th July 2021

With an average of 1,300 flights taking place every day, Heathrow is the world’s busiest two-runway airport and one of the busiest airports overall. In 2018, over 80 million passengers and 1.7 million tonnes of cargo flew to or from 200 cities in 84 countries from its runways, each over 3km long. The operations have […]

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plane passes

How Does Acoustic Glass Work

10th August 2018

Anyone living close to central London, the main road or an airport will know, noise pollution is a serious issue. It’s been proven to cause hypertension and the sleep prevention it causes can spill out into your life as levels in concentration begin to dip. That aside it can be particularly annoying when you’re trying […]

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Airport Expansion In The Heart Of London

11th July 2018

The £344M expansion of London City Airport has been given the green light from Ministers, leading to residents growing increasingly distressed at the prospect of further noise pollution in a City where peace and quiet are a hard won luxury. Flight paths leaving from densely populated Newham already cover large parts of North East and […]

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qantas plane

The Benefits of Acoustic Insulation Windows

It can be a terrible pain to move into a new home and find out that just around the corner is a late night bar or a road that doesn’t quiet down until 4 in the morning, but you don’t have to suffer in silence (or the lack thereof). We often have clients inquiring as […]

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Double Glazing Systems

Double Glazing Systems

I’m sure you’ve been plagued for years by cold callers offering you exclusive double glazing deals, or accosted by salesmen as you leave the supermarket with your weekly shop. It’s become such an issue now, that when people think of double glazing, it’s synonymous with pushy sales techniques and deals that quite frankly seem too good to […]

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How Do We Measure Noise

How Do We Measure Noise

Noise is measured by the pressure produced by sound waves, via a recording device, or an instrument like your ears. Is there a sound if no-one hears it?  Yes and no. If nothing is there to hear it, then there’s no sound being produced, just a pressure wave. Ok, so perhaps we’re becoming a little […]

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How Effective Are Soundproof Windows – The Simple Explanation

Our line of bespoke soundproof windows is one of our most popular especially with our London based clients who are often kept awake by overhead planes, traffic or nightlife. Whilst it’s great to live as close to the city as possible, the reality of noise pollution is a genuine struggle and we’re delighted we can […]

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Acoustic Insulation

How Noise Reduction Systems Can Improve the Chances of Selling Your House

Most of us who have ever bought or sold a house will tell you, that the major deal breakers when it comes to clinching a sale are obvious – think location, space, condition, transport links, crime, local schools and so on. There are, however, many hidden factors that could be putting buyers off certain properties. […]

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Installing New Noise Reduction Windows

New Tenants: Installing New Noise Reduction Windows Before Moving In

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive at Hugo Carter is from tenants who are considering purchasing a property, but want to ensure that it’s ready to move straight into without having the bothersome complications of an installation crew or scaffolding on site. Often they will find the ideal home, but notice that […]

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Night Tube Noise Disturbances Keeping You Awake

Night Tube Noise Disturbances Keeping You Awake?

London’s businesses, night-workers and party goers are welcoming the introduction of the much talked about night tube. It will see parts of the Underground running a 24/7 service. Residents surrounding the 5 lines, however, are becoming increasingly worried about night tube noise disturbances. Concerns About Night Tube Noise Disturbances After a long day at the […]

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Noise Reduction In Listed Buildings or Conservation Areas

Whilst you may live in a beautiful house, in a beautiful neighbourhood – be protected by the English Heritage and the Local Government there’s one thing that you can’t simply escape. Noise. Be it from planes, neighbours, roads, schools, or wherever, noise pollution has many guises all of which seem designed to permeate your property […]

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Busy Roads

Noise Reduction Windows for Busy Roads

One of the most common complaints we get from our clients is that they’ve moved into a beautiful new property only to discover that there’s an indefatigable swathe of night buses that trundle their street keeping them up at night. If you’re one of those sufferers, we understand your pain. Losing out on shut-eye due […]

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noise reduction windows

Noise Reduction Windows

Sirens at three O’clock in the morning and drafts coming from somewhere, windows can be the bane of an otherwise beautiful house. With new advances in the technology behind them, noise reduction windows have become far more economically viable, and have shown clear signs of reducing not only noise but energy consumption. There are plenty […]

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Noise reduction windows testimonial Jeremy

Our Noise Reduction Windows Simulator

Demonstrating the outstanding noise reduction qualities of our “Silent Windows” is far easier said than done. Whilst we can speak about the reductions, and break down what 30dB means in simple terms there’s nothing better than hearing the difference for yourself. Unfortunately, this has proven to be completely impractical, as we are unable to replicate […]

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Roadside Noise Pollution Linked To Deaths And Strokes

According to a paper published by the European Heart Journal, living in an area of high noise pollution, specifically road traffic may actually reduce your life expectancy. The research, undertaken by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, King’s College London and Imperial College London, focused on 8.6 million people living in the capital […]

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Selling Up

Selling Up— Noise Is The Ultimate Deal Breaker That Could Lose a Sale

Location, schools, gardens, space, condition—all of these factors are potential deal-breakers when it comes to selling a house. While most sellers are aware of the major factors that can sway a deal, there are many hidden factors that may cause potential buyers to back off. Do noisy neighbours really put people off buying your house? […]

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Soundproof Sash Windows

Soundproof Windows vs Secondary Glazing

What Are Soundproof Windows? A revelation in noise reduction, soundproof windows are the total solution to the problem of noise pollution in London. Tackling every aspect of intrusive noise, our acoustic insulation windows utilise the following in order to make your property peaceful and serene: laminated glass to dull sound waves the space between panes […]

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Superb Soundproof Windows Eliminating Noise of London

Understanding Noise Reduction Improvements

Hugo Carter has spent years on R&D, tweaking, re-tweaking and re-re-tweaking our designs in order to offer the best noise reduction value possible. It’s taken us 2 years to shut out an extra 2dB on our sash windows alone. One way we have achieved this is through sound imaging in order to pinpoint where precisely […]

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energy efficient casement

What are casement windows?

Casement windows are a type of window that is attached to the frame by one or more hinges. They can serve as a good method for acoustic control to filter loud noises outside your home when paired with the right choice of quality glass. Casement windows are moveable windows that have hinges or pivots at […]

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What Is Soundproofing?

Soundproofing is the practice of making your property resistant to the often annoying noise pollution that the city invariably offers every residence. There are a few things that you can do to soundproof your home – one of which we can help you with! What Can Be Done To Soundproof A Property? Rather simply, the […]

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night tube

Will London’s Night Tube Noise Pollution Affect You?

News of a London night tube service is welcome news to many, as it will cut down journey times for night workers and party goers, as well as boosting the city’s economy. The night service will be able to support London’s 24-hour lifestyle, by allowing travellers access to trains throughout the night on Fridays and […]

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Best Windows Hugo Carter

UPVC Versus Timber Windows: The Power of Silence

City living is tough. The streets are busy, pollution is high and you don’t have time to waste searching for a solution to your problem. I understand it is tempting, but this is why you shouldn’t go with the first double glazing firm you are recommended before considering the alternative. The best windows to reduce […]

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