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victorian inspired

Bringing a Victorian House Into the 21st Century

12th July 2018

Trend inspirations can come and go but if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a period property, emphasising the original features with a contemporary design really brings a period property into its own. The great thing about styling a period property is how original features can offset contemporary design by using style modern […]

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Choosing Bi-Fold Doors To Maximise Space

Doors are necessary. Without them we wouldn’t be able to get in and out of things very easily, or have things to attach door handles to, and they’re pretty good at keeping the cold out as well. All fantastic points, but often their placement within a property is a matter of logistical necessity as opposed […]

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English Countryside Cottages

If there’s one thing that the UK does better than anywhere else on the planet, it’s country cottages. Our rolling dales and stark countryside landscapes just wouldn’t be complete without the dotting of these tiny buildings throughout. They’re like seasoning; we have the salt of the white, more modern builds – and the cracked black […]

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green resources

Green Resources

Our planet is in crisis. We are polluting our atmosphere at an alarming rate, increasing the global temperature and burning through all of our non-renewable resources. Whilst it’s easy to point blame at multinational companies and their large-scale industrial processes that release plenty of harmful products into our atmosphere, the problem is also a lot […]

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meriweather inc

Sash Windows: Things to Consider Before Buying and Installing

To maintain the traditional appearance of your home, choose sash windows over plastic double glazing. Finding modern sash windows is much easier than you think, however, if you don’t have the proper knowledge it can become quite problematic. It is not easy to get the style right if you don’t understand the basics of sash windows and […]

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french windows

Why Choose French Style Windows?

Windows can turn a house into a home. How? You ask. Because they are your connection to the outside world. A fabulous window will draw the eye inside, creating a story for the person walking past about what life is like in your humble abode. Consider when you walk down the street and peer in […]

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London – A Green City

11th July 2018

According to a report released in July this year, London is the greenest capital city in Europe, and compared to others by its size and population density, the third greenest city in the whole of the world! It may not seem logical on your morning commute, what with the non-stop juggernaut of traffic that sweeps […]

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Modern Glass Extension

Modern Glass Extension on a 5-Story London Townhouse

Townhouses were historically known to be home to wealthy people living in cities. Most Townhouses were designed and built a few centuries ago and are now becoming very popular with designers and architects who look to jig them up with a redesign, turning them into a more contemporary property. A prime example of this is […]

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Planting Trees For Every Order

Planting Trees For Every Order

Sustainability is something that I personally care a great deal about. We are, as a species, extremely voracious in our consumption of the world’s spoils but, for the most part, are pretty reluctant to give back. With global industries turning out millions upon millions of products, from kettles and keychains to chewing gum and chicken […]

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