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contemporary glass doors

Conservation Area Rules For Windows

29th March 2022

Hugo Carter has a huge amount of experience to share gained through helping homeowners navigate the rules around upgrading your windows in Local Authority Conservation Areas. Set up to protect historic environments across the UK, Conservation Areas allow local planning authorities to act when an area or region is identified to have particular architectural or […]

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The Forestry Commission

11th July 2018

Formed in 1919, The Forestry Commission is a government department which is responsible for the protection, preservation, and creation of the forestry in England and Scotland. Split into two departments, for the North and the South respectively, the Welsh Commission recently became part of Natural Resources Wales. Set up after the First World War, the […]

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kew gardens

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens, the jewel of South West London, world-renowned for its exotic collection of plants and horticulture, offers so much more than a simple day out. For years now they have been running courses educating students, scientists and laymen on the art of conservation, horticulture, and botany. Available to both national and international students at […]

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A Simple Guide to Planning Permission

Planning permission for restorations or additions to your property can be a real pain for a lot of developers and can spell disaster for the hopes and aspirations for homeowners who are looking to really make their house their own. However, it needn’t be such a huge nuisance and if you follow this simple guide […]

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What is a Conservation Area?

The world is a beautiful place that sadly is being gradually ruined by industry. Throughout the last hundred or so years, and since the Industrial Revolution, we have been slowly burning all the available energy-rich substances we can find and massacring ancient forestry in order to make way for plantations and farmlands. As global demand […]

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What is a Listed Building?

In the UK a listed building is one that has been placed on a register to protect it from wayward developments. This building is placed on the Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historical Interest, which means that any work likely to interfere with the structure or visage of the building, will need to be […]

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Why English Heritage

Why English Heritage is Important and What We Can Do To Preserve It?

In recent times we have seen a lot of properties built to quite simply house us. High rises and housing estates that offer no individuality, but simply seek to place us all in concrete boxes – concentric circles of red brick buildings with the same concrete tiles that buzz around new towns, distinctly lacking in […]

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innovative noise reduction windows

Like-for-Like Window Replacement

Local Authorities are very strict on the ways in which you can enhance, or even repair properties in conversation areas. Requiring extensive planning permission, most buildings in these protected zones can get around the need for planning permission when they commission precise like-for-like replacement fittings when their windows are in need of repair, or upgrading. […]

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woodland trust

Proud to Support The Woodland Trust

A charity that is close to our hearts, The Woodland Trust is a conservation charity which seeks to protect and manage the UK’s woodlands. Started by Kenneth Watkins OBE in 1972, the trust now owns over 80 woods in Scotland and an astounding 850 in England, covering 25,000 acres of land. Surviving on donations from […]

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Noisy Oxfordshire

Listed buildings and architectural glazing

12th March 2018

Listed buildings and architectural glazing As the owner of a listed building of whatever Grade, you will be completely aware of the challenges surrounding any sort of change. Here at Hugo Carter we know the joys and frustrations that can be involved with developing a listed building more than anyone else and you will be […]

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james hargreaves bathrooms

Cheap Sash Windows in London: Replacing Windows in a Period Property

10th September 2017

Home repairs can become costly very quickly, especially when you are looking to update your windows in a period property. However investing in quality, authentic sash windows will save you money in the long term. Photo: Studiodare Architects Ltd What is a period property? Technically, any property that can be placed in a particular period, whether […]

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Conservation area

Resolving a recurring conservation conundrum

4th September 2017

And if you’re living in an area where the outside noise level is seriously disrupting your home life, then things can get even more complicated. This was exactly the situation for a client whose young family was struggling to sleep at night. As the level of noise reduction needed was over 30dB – that’s effectively […]

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