Noise Reduction Windows

If you are suffering from noise pollution in your home, and just want a quiet nights sleep or some peace and quiet in your living room, you have come to the right place.

Our range of Hugo Carter bespoke sash, casement and other Noise Reduction Windows dramatically reduce the noise levels experienced within your home, whether you live on a busy road, or under one of London’s flight paths.

Is this what you are experiencing?

draughty and cold

Draughty and cold

Are you fed up with cold and draft caused by your old windows?
sleepless nights

Sleepless Nights

Are you tired of being tired? And longing for a good night sleep?



Does your existing windows provide adequate security for your home?


Unattractive look

Does your current windows complement periodic features of your home?

Is this what you are seeking

warm and airtight

Warm and airtight home

Reduce your heating bills and wake up in a warm room even in the middle of winter.


Sound Sleep

Treat yourself to a decent night’s sleep. Every night.



Make your home a safe place for you and your family, even if you are not there.


Perfect match

Enhance the look of your property by restoring some original features.

Our Process

Step 1 - Initial Enquiry

Before contacting us, please make sure you have certain details to hand. These include: the property location and type (especially if it’s a listed building or in a conservation area), the details of your problem and the kind of windows and glazing you currently have. We will make sure we have enough information to plan an effective initial visit.

Step 2 - Initial Visit (Noise Assessment & Pricing Survey)

An acoustic specialist will talk you through your best options and – using a NTi XL2 Acoustic Analyser – give you an immediate idea of the different noise levels, and advise you on your best options. By agreeing to a Initial Visit there is no obligation to commit to our service; this is an opportunity to understand your needs more clearly.

Step 3 - Quotation & Noise Report

Based on the survey completed during the Initial Visit, our team will email a full costing within 72 hours. We will also provide a valuable Noise Report which explores our problem analysis, the level of noise pollution and our suggested solution. Within another 48 hours, we will follow up with a courtesy call, to ensure everything is clear.

Step 4 - Installation Survey

Once you’ve chosen to proceed with us and paid an initial deposit, we’ll arrange for senior surveyors to visit. By taking accurate ‘to the millimetre’ measurements, we can assess the best method of installation. We’ll also confirm your various aesthetic preferences (eg – which timber, paint colour and ironmongery), and will then pass your order to our factory.

Step 5 - Manufacture Updates

The manufacturing process takes approximately ten weeks.  Every three weeks our customer service team will give you an update so you know how your windows are progressing.

Step 6 - Installation

Two weeks in advance, we’ll provide you with an installation date. For the installation, we use an acoustic foam to enhance the noise reduction. At no point will we leave the property unprotected or exposed; if one window comes out, another goes in. The entire installation will be overseen by a single project manager.

Step 7 - Follow Up

One week after the installation, we will follow up with a courtesy call. This to make sure that everything is to your satisfaction, and to answer any questions you have about making the most of your new windows or doors.