Whichever window or door you choose, two things are certain.

Number One. Every single window or door is bespoke, made-to-measure ‘to the millimetre’ in our own factory – and benefits from two rigorous on-site surveys, and our unique design process.

Number Two. We go to great lengths to ensure that any bespoke window or door we design is exactly right for you. That match depends on various choices that we’ll discuss early on in our process, so you’re always in control, and always satisfied.

Sash Windows

Our timber sash windows are a modern interpretation on the original. They also provide all of the beauty of the real thing paired with modern convenience, support, and security.

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High Performance Windows

It might seem obvious what our ‘high performance’ windows are.  As their name suggests, they are our ‘top-of-the-range’ windows, designed to give you the most significant drop in decibels.

What is less obvious is whether or not they are the best fit for your needs. We want to make sure you can assess every soundproofing option before you commit to a particular window supplier.

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Acoustic Glass Windows

You’ll be surprised at the difference acoustic glass windows can make in how peaceful your home is!


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Our Noise Reduction Windows

If you are suffering from noise pollution in your home, and just want a quiet nights sleep or some peace and quiet in your living room, you have come to the right place.

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Bespoke Timber Windows

If you’re looking for the very best when it comes to bespoke timber windows, then you need look no further.

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Casement Windows

Each of our window styles was create to suit one of the five main traditions of architecture throughout period Great Britain, and we can make specialty windows to fit your needs as well.

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How Effective Are Soundproof Windows – The Simple Explanation

Our line of bespoke soundproof windows is one of our most popular, especially with our London-based clients.

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Download our noise reduction brochure

To learn more about The Science of Silence, please download our brochure.

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