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Building Innovations Awards 2022

Some organisations follow in nobody’s footsteps…

8th November 2022

Let’s call them what they are. Pioneers… without whom, we would not be where we are today as a society. That’s why it’s so vital to incentivise and recognise such innovation. In medicine, in science, in art…And, last month, it was the turn of the UK construction industry. We would like to take this moment […]

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acoustic glass windows

Silent Windows by Hugo Carter shortlisted for Most Innovative New Product (Hardware) and Most Innovative Supplier at the 2022 Building Innovation Awards

5th October 2022

Organised by UK Business Events, the Building Innovation Awards is an occasion to recognise and celebrate the individuals, organisations and partnerships that are taking UK construction to the next level. This year’s finalists are top innovators from across the sector, who are pioneering technologies, approaches and projects that deliver a greener, smarter and safer built […]

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reduces office noise

8 Effective Ways To Reduce Office Noise

18th August 2022

Too much distraction can mean your employees find it hard to concentrate, communicate or conduct their business effectively. Much of modern office design talks of open plan, easily accessible and collaborative spaces. The concept of calm professional office background noise is firmly established in all our working lives. Unwanted distractions and the need for office […]

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Productive Office Environment

How Office Managers Can Create A Productive Work Environment

26th July 2022

Are you responsible for your team’s office environment? Chances are, you are probably feeling the pressure. More than ever, staff need to feel happy in their working environment. Too much noise, distraction and interruption and their productivity is likely to suffer. Why is a good working environment important? Creating a productive work environment is essential […]

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contemporary glass doors

Conservation Area Rules For Windows

29th March 2022

Hugo Carter has a huge amount of experience to share gained through helping homeowners navigate the rules around upgrading your windows in Local Authority Conservation Areas. Set up to protect historic environments across the UK, Conservation Areas allow local planning authorities to act when an area or region is identified to have particular architectural or […]

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Maintain Windows In A Listed Building

How To Maintain Windows In A Listed Building

16th February 2022

As an owner of a Listed Building, it is important any replacement windows comply with Grade 2 Listed Building restrictions.  But what about window maintenance? How should you keep your traditional high-quality windows in tip-top condition?  At Hugo Carter, we know that soundproof windows are an investment for the long term especially if you’ve had […]

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Draught window

Easy Ways To Draught Proof Your Home

23rd July 2021

If you’re a homeowner concerned with your energy consumption, the subject of draught-proofing windows and doors is surely one you have to consider carefully. Unless you stop air draughts under doors or through your windows, you will keep contributing to global warming and wasting money on heating bills. Your energy is literally and figuratively going […]

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heathrow plane

Should You Install Soundproof Windows If You Live Near Heathrow Airport?

8th July 2021

With an average of 1,300 flights taking place every day, Heathrow is the world’s busiest two-runway airport and one of the busiest airports overall. In 2018, over 80 million passengers and 1.7 million tonnes of cargo flew to or from 200 cities in 84 countries from its runways, each over 3km long. The operations have […]

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trust pilot review

The Trust Pilot Hotel Review That Changed Everything

23rd February 2021

“If you’re looking for a good night’s sleep, this is not the hotel for you.” It’s hard to imagine a more damaging review for a hotel than the above. It’s not surprising that it’s a review that proved to be a turning point for that particular hotel. Ultimately, and perhaps surprisingly, it turned out to […]

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WINNERS! HUGO CARTER: Best Window & Door Manufacturers 2019 AND SILENT WINDOWS: Most Innovative Noise Reduction Product

8th October 2019

The UK Enterprise Awards are kindly organised by AI Global Media, a UK based publisher of B2B digital magazines and were founded in 2010. SME News is the title which supports entrepreneurs, startups and businesses by providing reliable insights and commercial information, from around the UK. SILENT WINDOWS:Most Innovative Noise Reduction Product We are in fine […]

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Hugo Carter Sponsor Ham Polo Club

7th June 2019

Hugo Carter Sponsor Ham Polo Club Hugo Carter is very pleased to announce we are an official sponsor of Ham Polo Club, in our home town of Richmond. Many of our team live nearby and we are always happy to support our neighbours. We are very passionate about Polo and love Ham Polo club – […]

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Get Hand Crafted Bespoke Timber Windows

15th August 2018

If you’re looking for the very best when it comes to bespoke timber windows, then you need to look no further. Hugo Carter bespoke timber windows can help you achieve the look, the comfort, and the quality you want and need for your home. Bespoke wooden windows, or custom windows, are perfect for your home […]

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Our mission is to make certain that your custom windows and doors are just that: custom. We build your windows to your exact specifications in size, shape, and style, and offer you your choice of hundreds of different colours of stains and shades to make your windows fit your home and your personality with ease. […]

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acoustic glass

Acoustic Glass

14th August 2018

What is acoustic glass? Noise reduction double-glazing includes two panes of glass surrounding an inner layer, which acts as a sound barrier to minimise reverberation.  You’ll be surprised at the difference it will make, when correctly integrated with our proprietary soundproof window design. The acoustic glass selected by Hugo Carter includes Stadip Silence by Saint-Gobain, Pilkington, […]

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plane passes

How Does Acoustic Glass Work

10th August 2018

Anyone living close to central London, the main road or an airport will know, noise pollution is a serious issue. It’s been proven to cause hypertension and the sleep prevention it causes can spill out into your life as levels in concentration begin to dip. That aside it can be particularly annoying when you’re trying […]

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Hardwood Timber And Softwood Timber

9th August 2018

Many clients who come to us often find themselves at the threshold of refurbishment, looking to renovate their house for the first time. Understandably at this point they don’t much of an idea about what it is they want to do, let alone how they’re going to do it or with what. One question that […]

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engineered timber

Engineered Timber in the Window and Door industry

Look along any street these days and you are sure to see uPVC windows and doors on most houses, as they are both energy efficient and very low maintenance. Aluminum frames are also very popular of late, meaning that traditional timber windows are not as prevalent as they once were—until now that is. With the […]

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Energy Loss vs Energy Saving

Whilst a major concern with old single glazed windows is that they simply let in too much noise, there is a shining problem with energy efficiency that they have also inherited. Often new double glazed, energy efficient windows, will offer a marked 30% increase in heat preservation compared to the old brand. Poorly constructed, or often […]

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ecological cars

Ecological Cars

I’m a lover of all things to do with design. Whether that’s the architraves on our new timber window system or the engine within a Mercedes-Benz. I enjoy looking at not only the beauty of the model but understanding how and why it was created in such a way. There’s something about the sleek and […]

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Draught Proofing

As the winter kicks and screams its way through February, and your bones are chilled, well, to the bone, the last thing you want to come home to is the freezing cold house. It’s around this time that you start to notice those little cracks under doors and nooks that allow a whispering draught to […]

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stained glass 2

Decorative Glazing

Many people will know of stained glass and the majestic windows that have been created with it throughout the ages. From the hallowed churches displaying the testaments in full coloured majesty, to the advent of modern stained glass and its application as an art form, it always adds another dimension to what otherwise would be […]

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stained glass

A Brief History of Stained Glass

Stained glass has a rich and colourful 1000 year history. Whilst many people may think of it as a bright and illustrious material that fills the hallowed halls of Churches with pretty pictures marking the life of Christ, this doesn’t take into consideration the incredible amount of artistic and scientific craftsmanship that has to go into creating […]

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A Brief History of Lead Glass

Though uncommon nowadays, owing to the fact that we’ve discovered that the chemical is poisonous, lead glass was once a common material used in the construction of many things from liquid vessels to windows throughout the ages. Empire to empire, lead glass was used in various forms for its decorative properties. The inclusion of lead […]

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thermal glass

What’s Thermal Low-E Glass

7th August 2018

Thermal Low-E glass (short for low-emissivity), is a type of special energy efficient glass which is designed to prevent heat loss through windows. A coating on the glass creates an invisible layer which reduces the amount of heat transferred out of the window, as well as by reflecting the heat back into the room. These […]

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What Is Kyoto 2015 ?

The year 2015 is the time at which the successor the Kyoto Protocol is set to be finalised, with the deadline for implementation set for 2020, when the Kyoto Protocol’s agreement is up. What is the Kyoto Protocol? First signed in 1997, then brought into effect in 2005, the Kyoto Protocol, or Kyoto Agreement, is […]

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Waterbased traffic

Timber Windows & Doors Need Protecting

Everything in your home that faces the outside world, including timber windows and external door frames, has to suffer the worst aspects of the climate that our environment has to offer. Wind, rain, ice and cold one minute, searing heat and direct sunshine the next. How to respond? This short blog from our team of […]

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Vacuum Glazing

With the width of single glazing, vacuum glazed windows offer the same thermal insulation as their double glazed counterparts. The question is, how? How Does Vacuum Glazing Work? Unlike Dyson Hoovers, which frankly no-one apart from Jeremy Dyson understands, the mechanics of vacuum glazing is really rather straightforward. Instead of using air or other combinations […]

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custom windows

Tips and Tricks on Maintaining Custom Windows

Just like any appliance or feature in your house, other parts need regular maintenance too – and that includes your custom windows. Proper maintenance is a vital part of keeping your sash, casement or other windows in good working condition and helping them last longer. It doesn’t even have to be weekly maintenance work, annual maintenance […]

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The Problem of Pollution

Pollution has become a major global problem ever since the Industrial Revolution. We have been burning gasses and producing chemicals at a noxious rate for over a century now and it’s becoming more and more evident that this is extremely detrimental to our health and the planet’s future. We need only look at the pictures […]

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The Green Deal

As you may have recently read in the news, the government’s Green Deal cashback scheme has been shut down in the past week due to an overwhelming flood of applicants looking to make take advantage. The final £70million that was available as part of the scheme was taken up in a staggering three days. The cashback deal […]

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How Our Soundproof Windows Work

Acoustic windows are the total solution to the problem of noise pollution. As opposed to other stop-gap solutions, such as secondary glazing, acoustic windows target sound reduction on every single level, ensuring the best results possible. Whilst lots of articles on the subject tend to give off a wealth of figures about the results you […]

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Small Space Solution – Soundproof Folding Doors

Small is the new spacious, in terms of city living that is. Brands such as Ikea have been preaching that lack of square footage is not a problem, and present plenty of furniture options to make the most of what little space you do have. Searching for “small space solutions” reveals numerous Pinterest boards full […]

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best harwood

Simple Tips on How to Choose the Best Hardwood for Windows

If it is time to replace your old windows of yours, you’re probably deciding what type of window you’d like. Wood? uPVC? Something else? Whether you are in the market for prefabricated windows or prefer bespoke windows, you need to keep in mind that it is advisable to make your choice keeping in mind the […]

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Security Glass

Security Glass

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a world in which we can leave our doors unlocked and our houses protected. Whilst we don’t want to scaremonger, as the threat of a break in is relatively low, it is always a weight off of your shoulders knowing that your house is as secure as it can be. […]

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production of timber

Production of Timber

Last year we finally saw the introduction of strict EU regulations (the EUTR) on the import and consumption of illegally harvested timber. With illegal logging constituting around 30% of the global market, and the EU accounting for around 35% of timber consumption, this has to lead to a massive increase in timber production within the […]

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Buildings Old town

Is placing uPVC in older buildings wrong?

The swathe of uPVC windows being fitted in period buildings reached such an alarming peak a few years ago that the English Heritage took to the streets in a countrywide campaign to stop the influx of plastic double glazed windows. Whilst you would have heard a great deal of support for keeping the period look […]

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Noise Reduction Windows

How Do Noise Reduction Windows compare To Double And Single Glazed Units?

When it comes to ensuring that your home truly is a castle, noise reduction windows are one way of bringing peaceful days and silent nights, but how do they compare in regards to double and single glazed units? We decided to do a little investigating! Noise Reduction Well, it sort of goes without saying that […]

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solar panels

Natural Sustainable Construction Materials

I’m truly passionate about sustainability. It’s at the core of our ethos at Hugo Carter, and something I try and champion in my everyday life. I feel we have a duty to the planet to respect the resources we have, and in this modern age, we don’t really have an excuse for being ignorant of […]

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multilayered timber

Why Our Timber Window Frames Are Multi-Layered

We craft all our bespoke noise-reduction windows. The frames which house our acoustically engineered glass are all made-to-measure to the nearest millimetre. One major concern when crafting our bespoke timber window frames is the ‘movement’ of the wood that we use in construction. Typically timber falls into one of three categories – large, medium or […]

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Different Ironmongery

Window ironmongery is also known as ‘window furniture’, though of course, it’s not the process of attaching a 3 piece suite to your casements, but rather the small little add-ons, flushes, and flights of fancy that can turn your windows into something uniquely individual. We often include ironmongery into our bespoke window designs, taking into […]

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Installing Soundproof Windows When Redecorating a Victorian House

Soundproof windows can change your life by decreasing noise pollution and improving your quality of sleep. A study by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) found that high levels of noise pollution in London are linked to early death and a greater risk of stroke (2015).  Issues with health and wellbeing are […]

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Window Frame

The Importance Of The Right Humidity In Window Frame Construction

It is extremely important for the timber used in window frame construction to have been acclimatised before the frames are put in place. Timber that is too wet or too dry can cause a range of problems, from minute aesthetic issues to important safety concerns. The reason for this is that wood is a hygroscopic […]

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victorian inspired

Bringing a Victorian House Into the 21st Century

12th July 2018

Trend inspirations can come and go but if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a period property, emphasising the original features with a contemporary design really brings a period property into its own. The great thing about styling a period property is how original features can offset contemporary design by using style modern […]

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Carbon Footprint Reduction

It’s the fashionable thing to do nowadays, with many celebrities jumping on board the crusade to reduce our carbon footprints, and so slow the rapid progression towards global warming. The ironic thing is that many of these A-listers, who have been campaigning for lowering carbon emissions, will do so whilst travelling around the planet on their […]

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Choosing Bi-Fold Doors To Maximise Space

Doors are necessary. Without them we wouldn’t be able to get in and out of things very easily, or have things to attach door handles to, and they’re pretty good at keeping the cold out as well. All fantastic points, but often their placement within a property is a matter of logistical necessity as opposed […]

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English Countryside Cottages

If there’s one thing that the UK does better than anywhere else on the planet, it’s country cottages. Our rolling dales and stark countryside landscapes just wouldn’t be complete without the dotting of these tiny buildings throughout. They’re like seasoning; we have the salt of the white, more modern builds – and the cracked black […]

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Ethically-Sourced Timber

Timber is the most commonly used building material that required the least amount of energy to produce. Requiring very little industrial expense in its cultivation, plantations will often do more to combat pollution and climate change than they will to add to it. Renewable, recyclable and durable, forestry, and by proxy timber production, does a great […]

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green resources

Green Resources

Our planet is in crisis. We are polluting our atmosphere at an alarming rate, increasing the global temperature and burning through all of our non-renewable resources. Whilst it’s easy to point blame at multinational companies and their large-scale industrial processes that release plenty of harmful products into our atmosphere, the problem is also a lot […]

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Klemens Torggler's 'Evolution Door'

Klemens Torggler’s ‘Evolution Door’

I like doors. Doors are cool. They help me get into rooms and buildings and stop the cold air and intruders from getting in. But then, that’s mostly all they do. Sometimes I look at a door and wonder what it is that we can do with it. How can we innovate the design? How can we […]

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meriweather inc

Sash Windows: Things to Consider Before Buying and Installing

To maintain the traditional appearance of your home, choose sash windows over plastic double glazing. Finding modern sash windows is much easier than you think, however, if you don’t have the proper knowledge it can become quite problematic. It is not easy to get the style right if you don’t understand the basics of sash windows and […]

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french windows

Why Choose French Style Windows?

Windows can turn a house into a home. How? You ask. Because they are your connection to the outside world. A fabulous window will draw the eye inside, creating a story for the person walking past about what life is like in your humble abode. Consider when you walk down the street and peer in […]

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The Close Salisbury

Why Pick Triple Glazing?

Double glazing is everywhere, and unless you have been living under a rock you will know all about its energy efficiency and capacity to reduce noise pollution compared to older single pane windows. What you may not be aware of is the fact that triple glazing is now an affordable option when building or renovating […]

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London – A Green City

11th July 2018

According to a report released in July this year, London is the greenest capital city in Europe, and compared to others by its size and population density, the third greenest city in the whole of the world! It may not seem logical on your morning commute, what with the non-stop juggernaut of traffic that sweeps […]

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Modern Glass Extension

Modern Glass Extension on a 5-Story London Townhouse

Townhouses were historically known to be home to wealthy people living in cities. Most Townhouses were designed and built a few centuries ago and are now becoming very popular with designers and architects who look to jig them up with a redesign, turning them into a more contemporary property. A prime example of this is […]

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Planting Trees For Every Order

Planting Trees For Every Order

Sustainability is something that I personally care a great deal about. We are, as a species, extremely voracious in our consumption of the world’s spoils but, for the most part, are pretty reluctant to give back. With global industries turning out millions upon millions of products, from kettles and keychains to chewing gum and chicken […]

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The Forestry Commission

Formed in 1919, The Forestry Commission is a government department which is responsible for the protection, preservation, and creation of the forestry in England and Scotland. Split into two departments, for the North and the South respectively, the Welsh Commission recently became part of Natural Resources Wales. Set up after the First World War, the […]

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kew gardens

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens, the jewel of South West London, world-renowned for its exotic collection of plants and horticulture, offers so much more than a simple day out. For years now they have been running courses educating students, scientists and laymen on the art of conservation, horticulture, and botany. Available to both national and international students at […]

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A Simple Guide to Planning Permission

Planning permission for restorations or additions to your property can be a real pain for a lot of developers and can spell disaster for the hopes and aspirations for homeowners who are looking to really make their house their own. However, it needn’t be such a huge nuisance and if you follow this simple guide […]

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What is a Conservation Area?

The world is a beautiful place that sadly is being gradually ruined by industry. Throughout the last hundred or so years, and since the Industrial Revolution, we have been slowly burning all the available energy-rich substances we can find and massacring ancient forestry in order to make way for plantations and farmlands. As global demand […]

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What is a Listed Building?

In the UK a listed building is one that has been placed on a register to protect it from wayward developments. This building is placed on the Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historical Interest, which means that any work likely to interfere with the structure or visage of the building, will need to be […]

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Why English Heritage

Why English Heritage is Important and What We Can Do To Preserve It?

In recent times we have seen a lot of properties built to quite simply house us. High rises and housing estates that offer no individuality, but simply seek to place us all in concrete boxes – concentric circles of red brick buildings with the same concrete tiles that buzz around new towns, distinctly lacking in […]

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innovative noise reduction windows

Like-for-Like Window Replacement

Local Authorities are very strict on the ways in which you can enhance, or even repair properties in conversation areas. Requiring extensive planning permission, most buildings in these protected zones can get around the need for planning permission when they commission precise like-for-like replacement fittings when their windows are in need of repair, or upgrading. […]

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woodland trust

Proud to Support The Woodland Trust

A charity that is close to our hearts, The Woodland Trust is a conservation charity which seeks to protect and manage the UK’s woodlands. Started by Kenneth Watkins OBE in 1972, the trust now owns over 80 woods in Scotland and an astounding 850 in England, covering 25,000 acres of land. Surviving on donations from […]

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Airport Expansion In The Heart Of London

The £344M expansion of London City Airport has been given the green light from Ministers, leading to residents growing increasingly distressed at the prospect of further noise pollution in a City where peace and quiet are a hard won luxury. Flight paths leaving from densely populated Newham already cover large parts of North East and […]

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qantas plane

The Benefits of Acoustic Insulation Windows

It can be a terrible pain to move into a new home and find out that just around the corner is a late night bar or a road that doesn’t quiet down until 4 in the morning, but you don’t have to suffer in silence (or the lack thereof). We often have clients inquiring as […]

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Double Glazing Systems

Double Glazing Systems

I’m sure you’ve been plagued for years by cold callers offering you exclusive double glazing deals, or accosted by salesmen as you leave the supermarket with your weekly shop. It’s become such an issue now, that when people think of double glazing, it’s synonymous with pushy sales techniques and deals that quite frankly seem too good to […]

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How Do We Measure Noise

How Do We Measure Noise

Noise is measured by the pressure produced by sound waves, via a recording device, or an instrument like your ears. Is there a sound if no-one hears it?  Yes and no. If nothing is there to hear it, then there’s no sound being produced, just a pressure wave. Ok, so perhaps we’re becoming a little […]

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How Effective Are Soundproof Windows – The Simple Explanation

Our line of bespoke soundproof windows is one of our most popular especially with our London based clients who are often kept awake by overhead planes, traffic or nightlife. Whilst it’s great to live as close to the city as possible, the reality of noise pollution is a genuine struggle and we’re delighted we can […]

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Acoustic Insulation

How Noise Reduction Systems Can Improve the Chances of Selling Your House

Most of us who have ever bought or sold a house will tell you, that the major deal breakers when it comes to clinching a sale are obvious – think location, space, condition, transport links, crime, local schools and so on. There are, however, many hidden factors that could be putting buyers off certain properties. […]

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Installing New Noise Reduction Windows

New Tenants: Installing New Noise Reduction Windows Before Moving In

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive at Hugo Carter is from tenants who are considering purchasing a property, but want to ensure that it’s ready to move straight into without having the bothersome complications of an installation crew or scaffolding on site. Often they will find the ideal home, but notice that […]

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Night Tube Noise Disturbances Keeping You Awake

Night Tube Noise Disturbances Keeping You Awake?

London’s businesses, night-workers and party goers are welcoming the introduction of the much talked about night tube. It will see parts of the Underground running a 24/7 service. Residents surrounding the 5 lines, however, are becoming increasingly worried about night tube noise disturbances. Concerns About Night Tube Noise Disturbances After a long day at the […]

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Noise Reduction In Listed Buildings or Conservation Areas

Whilst you may live in a beautiful house, in a beautiful neighbourhood – be protected by the English Heritage and the Local Government there’s one thing that you can’t simply escape. Noise. Be it from planes, neighbours, roads, schools, or wherever, noise pollution has many guises all of which seem designed to permeate your property […]

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Busy Roads

Noise Reduction Windows for Busy Roads

One of the most common complaints we get from our clients is that they’ve moved into a beautiful new property only to discover that there’s an indefatigable swathe of night buses that trundle their street keeping them up at night. If you’re one of those sufferers, we understand your pain. Losing out on shut-eye due […]

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noise reduction windows

Noise Reduction Windows

Sirens at three O’clock in the morning and drafts coming from somewhere, windows can be the bane of an otherwise beautiful house. With new advances in the technology behind them, noise reduction windows have become far more economically viable, and have shown clear signs of reducing not only noise but energy consumption. There are plenty […]

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Noise reduction windows testimonial Jeremy

Our Noise Reduction Windows Simulator

Demonstrating the outstanding noise reduction qualities of our “Silent Windows” is far easier said than done. Whilst we can speak about the reductions, and break down what 30dB means in simple terms there’s nothing better than hearing the difference for yourself. Unfortunately, this has proven to be completely impractical, as we are unable to replicate […]

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Roadside Noise Pollution Linked To Deaths And Strokes

According to a paper published by the European Heart Journal, living in an area of high noise pollution, specifically road traffic may actually reduce your life expectancy. The research, undertaken by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, King’s College London and Imperial College London, focused on 8.6 million people living in the capital […]

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Selling Up

Selling Up— Noise Is The Ultimate Deal Breaker That Could Lose a Sale

Location, schools, gardens, space, condition—all of these factors are potential deal-breakers when it comes to selling a house. While most sellers are aware of the major factors that can sway a deal, there are many hidden factors that may cause potential buyers to back off. Do noisy neighbours really put people off buying your house? […]

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Soundproof Sash Windows

Soundproof Windows vs Secondary Glazing

What Are Soundproof Windows? A revelation in noise reduction, soundproof windows are the total solution to the problem of noise pollution in London. Tackling every aspect of intrusive noise, our acoustic insulation windows utilise the following in order to make your property peaceful and serene: laminated glass to dull sound waves the space between panes […]

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Superb Soundproof Windows Eliminating Noise of London

Understanding Noise Reduction Improvements

Hugo Carter has spent years on R&D, tweaking, re-tweaking and re-re-tweaking our designs in order to offer the best noise reduction value possible. It’s taken us 2 years to shut out an extra 2dB on our sash windows alone. One way we have achieved this is through sound imaging in order to pinpoint where precisely […]

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energy efficient casement

What are casement windows?

Casement windows are a type of window that is attached to the frame by one or more hinges. They can serve as a good method for acoustic control to filter loud noises outside your home when paired with the right choice of quality glass. Casement windows are moveable windows that have hinges or pivots at […]

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What Is Soundproofing?

Soundproofing is the practice of making your property resistant to the often annoying noise pollution that the city invariably offers every residence. There are a few things that you can do to soundproof your home – one of which we can help you with! What Can Be Done To Soundproof A Property? Rather simply, the […]

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night tube

Will London’s Night Tube Noise Pollution Affect You?

News of a London night tube service is welcome news to many, as it will cut down journey times for night workers and party goers, as well as boosting the city’s economy. The night service will be able to support London’s 24-hour lifestyle, by allowing travellers access to trains throughout the night on Fridays and […]

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Best Windows Hugo Carter

UPVC Versus Timber Windows: The Power of Silence

City living is tough. The streets are busy, pollution is high and you don’t have time to waste searching for a solution to your problem. I understand it is tempting, but this is why you shouldn’t go with the first double glazing firm you are recommended before considering the alternative. The best windows to reduce […]

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Our Product - timber

Double Glaze Timber Windows

Double glazed timber windows are known as an insulted glass unit, or IGU, because they bring together more than one pane of glass to provide your home with better insulation. Our double-glazed windows can help reduce your energy costs by providing an extra layer of protection for your home against the elements outside. Tightly fitted […]

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Windows Decorative Elements

High quality parts ensure that your windows are as close to original heritage products as possible. Some of the materials we use to create windows and doors bespoke in nature include: Integrated glazing bars that provide structural and technological support to your windows without damaging the period look of your home. We replicate glazing bars […]

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When it comes to our windows and doors, there’s nothing we won’t do to ensure that you receive not only a top-quality product, but that you receive exactly the type of top quality product you want. After all, what good are new windows and doors—no matter how beautiful they are—if they don’t have the right […]

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When to Choose Hardwood Windows Over Softwood Windows

If you’re in need of new windows in your home or business, then you’re likely trying to decide what type of window frames you need. Whether you’re purchasing prefabricated windows or you’re electing to have made to measure bespoke windows created for your home or office space, you’ll have to choose between hardwood window frames, […]

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Made to Measure Timber Windows

Made to last a lifetime, made to measure timber windows are a popular choice with our customers. Available in a variety of settings to fit your every window need, our made to measure timber windows are available in any size, for any area of your home, and come in any U-value, from the 1.4 strict […]

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How Do We Measure Noise

Compare Your Windows With Our Silent Line!

We find that all this talk of decibels, wavelengths and pressure waves often overcomplicates our products, leaving our clients more confused than cognisant. And whilst a lot of work has gone into making sure we offer the best reductions in noise pollution available on the market, we find it best to simply demonstrate what our […]

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Paint Finish and Colours

Every home should have energy and sound efficiency, and a personality. That’s why we offer paints and stains in hundreds of different colours from the RAL colour chart and prime every window and door we sell. Properly primed and factory painted timber lasts years longer than traditionally painted wood windows and doors. Your new doors […]

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green deal double glazing

How to Buy Green Deal Double Glazing Timber Windows

Double glazing is one of the best ways to upgrade your home to a more efficient and green deal home. Making your home more efficient will lower your energy utility bills by reducing the amount of heat loss that occurs through your windows. You can rely on double glazing to provide you with a cost-effective […]

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Soundproof Sash Windows

Why Choose Timber Windows From Us?

When you’re looking at the different options available for new windows in your home, you may find that you have too many different options to choose from. You can choose from standardised windows—as long as they fit into the space afforded to you—or you can select bespoke windows that can be fitted with all of […]

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Weatherseals are one of the most important features of all sash and casement windows. They are responsible for stopping draughts and rattling, reducing heat loss and external noise levels, and eliminating dust and dirt. Weatherseals also improve security and extend the lifespan of your windows. We help you reduce energy bills by using the most […]

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Our Product - timber

Finest Quality Timber Made Our Windows

We carefully select the top quality timber from regular suppliers to ensure uniform quality throughout our entire product range. Stringent technical specifications help us to ensure that you receive products that will last for years to come. We know that some types of timber twist and warp in poor weather conditions. But our high quality, […]

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double glazing in conservation area

Upgrading to Double Glazing in a Conservation Area or in a Listed Building

12th March 2018

A great deal of older buildings still have their original single glazing units intact which may suit the aesthetic of the property, but can be a real pain year round, especially in winter when you will be pouring money into heating your house only to have it float away with the winds. The obvious solution […]

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Soundproof Sash Window

Soundproof Windows versus Secondary Glazing, a Few Facts

Noise is something that many of us accept to live with, a normal part of everyday life in the modern world. The city dweller may become almost immune to the roar of traffic, the revving of a passing engine, the annoying buzz of a moped. Country living too is not without its noise, perhaps a […]

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Noisy Oxfordshire

Listed buildings and architectural glazing

Listed buildings and architectural glazing As the owner of a listed building of whatever Grade, you will be completely aware of the challenges surrounding any sort of change. Here at Hugo Carter we know the joys and frustrations that can be involved with developing a listed building more than anyone else and you will be […]

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Why always timber and never UVPC?

31st October 2017

When it comes to constructing noise reduction windows and doors, there are certain things we won’t touch with a bargepole. (Not even a fine oak bargepole.) We’re talking about ‘hollow’ materials such as aluminium and UPVC that ‘leak’ noise and are highly unlikely to last you a lifetime. By contrast, what we insist on building […]

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How does NASA prepare astronauts for the silence of space?

And let’s throw another question into the mix, for good measure: “Why is the quietest place on earth so noisy?” In our pursuit of creating a tranquillity that transforms, we do have some memorable ‘aha’ moments. Such as? When we realised that it’s actually possible to have ‘too much’ quiet. … and that there’s a […]

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So how many decibels are ‘healthy’?

It’s not a question that many of us know the answer to. But it’s an important one, and for us, it’s an absolutely essential one – especially when we’re doing our first calculations at a property during an initial visit. ‘Zero’ decibel is the so-called hearing threshold for the human ear. (That doesn’t mean there’s […]

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Bespoke windows

The Beauty of Bespoke. (How our noise reduction products are made to measure. To the decibel and to the millimetre.)

28th October 2017

Some words we hear so often that they become meaningless. Others are used in so many different ways, their exact meaning is unclear. So – right now – let’s be clear exactly what we mean when we say we offer ‘bespoke’ windows. Every single one of our windows is unique. And it isn’t just ‘made […]

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Sash Windows Shutters

Box Sash Windows: Things You Need to Know When Repairing or Upgrading

19th September 2017

Even though box sash windows are usually from buildings or houses built in the 18th or 19th century, there is no truth to the perception that they are not replaceable or salvageable. In fact, they can be salvaged intact and restored in excellent condition to give your period house a complete look for a long […]

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james hargreaves bathrooms

Cheap Sash Windows in London: Replacing Windows in a Period Property

10th September 2017

Home repairs can become costly very quickly, especially when you are looking to update your windows in a period property. However investing in quality, authentic sash windows will save you money in the long term. Photo: Studiodare Architects Ltd What is a period property? Technically, any property that can be placed in a particular period, whether […]

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Conservation area

Resolving a recurring conservation conundrum

4th September 2017

And if you’re living in an area where the outside noise level is seriously disrupting your home life, then things can get even more complicated. This was exactly the situation for a client whose young family was struggling to sleep at night. As the level of noise reduction needed was over 30dB – that’s effectively […]

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uPVC – A Tragic Love Story

19th November 2013

For years now I assume you, like me, have been plagued by cold calling double glazing salesmen trying to offload their products in order to earn themselves a commission. These people have no interest in the actual properties of the products they are selling, the effects they might be having upon the environment or the […]

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Hardwood Timber and Softwood Timber

23rd October 2013

Many clients who come to us often find themselves at the threshold of refurbishment, looking to renovate their house for the first time. Understandably at this point, they don’t much of an idea about what it is they want to do, let alone how they’re going to do it or with what. One question that […]

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