Thermal Efficient Windows: Windows and Energy Efficiency

Every home owner wants to keep the heat in and the cold out. One element of your property that can play a key role in achieving that aim is your windows.

Installing energy efficient windows can make a significant difference to the level of heat that escapes your building – and the amount of cold that can get in.

By upgrading your home with the addition of a set of robust and expertly fitted windows, you can make your living space far more thermally efficient.

Energy conserving windows earn that label by providing a barrier that means you need to use less energy to heat your home – and in an era of high heating bills, that’s a welcome move for any home owner.

Let’s look in more detail at the benefits of the energy saving windows that you can have designed, constructed and delivered by the expert team at Hugo Carter.

Understanding Thermal Efficiency

The concept of thermal efficiency is simple to understand, and it can make a significant difference to the comfort you enjoy at home – as well as the size of the energy bills you have to pay.

The more effective and sturdy the construction of your home is, the more thermally efficient it will be. The cold will find it harder to make its way in, while the heat you generate inside will find it harder to escape.

That’s why it’s essential to fit the most energy efficient windows you can find. Windows are by definition less sturdy than bricks, so you need the best energy efficient windows to ensure your home is as thermally efficient as it can be.

At Hugo Carter, we pride ourselves on delivering heat-saving windows to our customers. We do this by constructing bespoke windows that are measured to the millimetre to create a precise fit.

We also use durable acoustic glass that play their part in installations that reduce heat loss through windows.

Measuring the Thermal Efficiency of Windows

How can you be sure that the new installations you order will reduce heat loss through your windows? One way is to find out how they are rated for their thermal efficiency.

There are many ways to source this information. One is to discover the U-value of the windows in question.

This is the measurement used to show the heat loss allowed by a window. It is usually expressed as W/m2K, but what is most important is that the number should be as small as possible. Low U-value windows – such as those created by Hugo Carter – retain more heat inside your home and, by doing so, protect the environment and offer you the prospect of lower energy bills.

Another way to be sure you have high energy-efficient windows is to find out the Window Energy Rating, which measures how effective the whole installation is.

Thermal Performance: Highest Rated Energy Efficient Windows

All of the installations created by Hugo Carter will provide you with good energy-efficient windows. Every one of our projects is bespoke and hand-made with millimetric precision, and the better the fit, the more energy efficient your windows will be.

Thermal efficiency comes as standard across the Hugo Carter range. For example, if you choose our double-glazed windows, energy saving is one of the benefits you will enjoy.

As well as efficient double glazing, we can also supply triple glazing and secondary glazing. Each of our installations is created using robust acoustic glass and durable timber.

For the ultimate in thermal performance, however, we suggest checking out the very top of our range, where you will find our high-performance windows.

These are designed to offer the most effective barrier to heat escape that you can find, with an airtight fit that ensures no draughts at all.

Environmental Impact of Thermally Efficient Windows

As well as improving your quality of life, there are ways in which the installation of heat-saving windows is beneficial to the environment.

Well-fitted and solidly constructed windows will ensure you consume less carbon and release a lower amount of CO2 into the atmosphere.

All homes in the UK must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) before they can be sold. An EPC displays how efficient your property is, and good energy-efficient windows can play a key role in giving your home a higher rating.

With the highest rated energy efficient windows in your building, you can be confident that you are contributing to sustainability and the ongoing health of our planet.

There are other home efficiency standards that tell the story of how thermally efficient your property is. They include:

passive house windows (1)


This is a method of creating houses that are exceptionally efficient when it comes to retaining heat from the sun. This is a method of creating houses that are exceptionally efficient when it comes to retaining heat from the sun.

AECB CarbonLite Standards

AECB CarbonLite Standards

The Association for Environment Conscious Building has introduced a set of measures that encourage eco-friendly building practices in the quest to reach net zero targets.

LETI DesignGuidance

LETI Design Guidance

The Low Energy Transformation Initiative has issued guidelines to assist the construction industry in the design of net zero structures.

Choosing the Right Thermally Efficient Windows

At Hugo Carter, we recognise that every project is different. We work closely with you to understand your needs, and to ensure that you take delivery of an installation that is perfect for your property.

That includes the creation of the top-rated energy efficient windows that are appropriate to your home and project.

Early in the process, you will be visited by a trained and experienced Hugo Carter engineer, who can advise you on the best way to achieve your dreams.

As well as the best rated energy efficient windows, the final product we deliver will have other positive impacts on your building.

Our windows are constructed using top quality timber, which means they will look great. And the accuracy with which we make our windows, which delivers such excellent thermal efficiency performance, will also cut down significantly on the amount of outside noise that enters your home.

Installing and Maintaining Thermal Efficient Windows

Hugo Carter’s focus on exceptional customer service ensures that the process of installing your thermal efficient windows is as streamlined and hassle-free as possible.

Our windows take between 10 and 14 weeks to construct, and we will contact you regularly to keep you updated on their progress.

Two weeks before they are ready, we will get in touch to arrange an instalment date. Once our highly skilled engineers have finished putting your new windows in place, we will make sure your property is left clean and tidy.

It’s essential that you maintain your thermal efficient windows to ensure they keep giving you the high level of performance you want. We will visit in the aftermath of our installation to make sure everything is working well – but there is plenty you can do too.

If you have timber frames, they should be painted or stained to increase their efficiency. Any chips should be painted or stained over.

Check the border between the frames and your wall to make sure they remain airtight, while it’s also a good idea to lubricate any moving parts of your window to make sure they keep functioning smoothly.


What are the most thermally efficient window frames?

All of Hugo Carter’s windows use frames constructed from slow-growing timber, which is stronger and more durable than other materials. This, combined with the millimetric precision with which we measure all our installations, ensures that our window frames deliver a superb thermally efficient performance.

Which are the most energy efficient windows

Our windows are constructed using robust acoustic glass, which works in partnership with the timber frames to create excellent energy efficiency. The most effective windows in the Hugo Carter range are our high-performance windows, which are highly efficient and also deliver substantial soundproofing benefits.

What are the best windows to retain heat?

Thermal efficiency is a key consideration for home owners who want to keep as much heat inside their building as possible, and to reduce their carbon footprint. High-performance windows from Hugo Carter deliver a superlative level of thermal efficiency, meaning that more heat is retained and less energy needs to be used.

What is the best type of window to keep heat out?

You can have Low-E glass fitted as part of your Hugo Carter design and installation. This is a glass with a special coating on one side of the surface that acts to reduce the amount of heat that passes through it. As well as keeping heat inside your property when the weather is cold, it also acts as a barrier to reduce the impact of the sun’s rays in warmer months.



Energy efficient windows are extremely popular with home owners across the UK and beyond. Many people recognise the benefits of installing energy saving windows, which keep more of the heat within your home and can potentially reduce your energy bills.

Hugo Carter’s range of energy efficient windows deliver an aesthetically pleasing appearance and a robust barrier against the weather and noise pollution.

They also help you to mitigate the impact of climate change by using less energy and decreasing the amount of CO2 you release into the atmosphere.

Please investigate our range of windows further to see how we can help you.