A Guide to Stormproof & Weatherproof Windows

It’s essential that, as well as looking good, your windows help to improve your quality of life by forming a sturdy barrier against the worst that the weather can throw at your home.

Stormproof windows are designed to play a crucial role in keeping the wind, rain and cold outside – and the heat in.

Your home will be much cosier in the colder months of the year if you install weatherproof windows for winter. It will also feel more peaceful and welcoming all year round if it features windproof windows that cut down on draughts and cold areas of your rooms.

At Hugo Carter, we specialise in delivering sturdy, made-to-measure and hand-crafted weatherproof windows that keep you safe and warm when the weather outside is at its least friendly.

Understanding Weatherproof Windows

It’s deeply satisfying and reassuring to look through the windows of your snug, tranquil home as a storm rages outside. But what are the techniques that go into weatherproofing windows and doors?

One key factor is the quality of the materials used in the construction of every window you install. The best way to weatherproof windows is to ensure they are made from robust materials that are expertly built and fitted.

At Hugo Carter, we use top quality timber for our frames so that they present a solid natural barrier against the elements. Our acoustic glass panes also offer a powerful defence when the weather turns hostile.

Our trained teams also measure every window they create to the last millimetre, so that they are airtight and do not allow wind or moisture through.

Replacing old windows with new weatherproof windows will make a significant difference. You’ll notice how much more peaceful your home is, how much less cold penetrates – and how you need to consume less energy to keep warm.

Even when the wind is howling outside, your home will be a haven of calm. Our installations are so effective that they can be used as hurricane proof windows in areas where such defences are needed.

Stormproof Casement Windows

Many householders across the UK and beyond like the style and fit of casement windows. There are techniques built into the way we create stormproof windows that ensure they deliver the benefits our clients desire.

Our timber stormproof casement windows are created using strong, knot-free, slow-grown wood. Crucially, they are made to measure on every installation so that they fit exactly into the space available in your building.

If you decide to weatherproof old windows, you’ll notice the difference when your new, sturdy casement windows click shut during foul weather.

The qualify of our workmanship, and the high standard of customer service with which we deliver it, ensure Hugo Carter offers the best window weatherproofing solutions available today.

Stormproof Sash Windows

Home owners have enjoyed the aesthetic and functional benefits of sash windows for many decades. But it’s important that when you slide your windows closed, they are designed so that they keep the weather firmly outside.

The skill of our engineers, designers and installers, who create every window to the exact dimensions required, ensures that weatherproofing for windows is built into the process of creating your new sash windows.

Our made-to-measure timber frames, complemented by the tough acoustic glass we use in all our projects, ensure that you take delivery of a set of windproof windows that will defy even the fiercest storm in its efforts to disturb the peace of your home.

The Benefits of Weatherproof Windows

The most important benefit of stormproof windows is that, on an everyday basis, you feel more comfortable and protected within your home.

Well fitted and sturdily constructed weatherproof windows will add to the quality of life of all those inside your property, particularly on those days when it’s cold, wet and windy outside.

However, there are other reasons why installing stormproof windows can make a positive difference to your home.

When you come to sell up, the quality of those windows will add to the value of your home – which is a pleasing return on your investment.

Additionally, while the airtight quality of weatherproof windows keeps the elements out, it also keeps the heat in. You should need less energy to keep your home warm and comfortable, which is a bonus that should be reflected in reduced heating bills.

Choosing the Right Weatherproof & Stormproof Windows

There are many factors to take into account when you are considering the installation of new or upgraded stormproof windows.

You need to be aware of the weather conditions in your area. The direction of the prevailing wind can make a difference when it comes to choosing the right windows. If you live in a conservation area, you may also have to abide by local building regulations.

All of these considerations will be addressed by the highly trained team who will visit you for a detailed analysis of your aspirations – and your property.

The range of windows available at Hugo Carter can all be designed with an emphasis on weatherproofing, and we will be able to advise you on the likely stormproof windows cost of your installation.

If you live in a particularly hospitable climate, you should check out our best-rated energy efficient windows. These include our high-performance timber windows, and our lipped stormproof casement windows.

Installation and Maintenance Tips

To get the best performance from your stormproof windows, it’s essential that you have them measured, constructed and fitted by professionals.

Our trained and experienced team will measure your property to the millimetre, before building and delivering installations that fit your building exactly.

The process of creating your windows will take between 10 and 14 weeks, and in that time we’ll give you regular progress reports. You’ll get a date for the installation two weeks in advance.

Once your weatherproof windows are in place, you should maintain them regularly. Your timber frames should be painted or stained – and checked regularly to see if they need to be touched up to maintain their effectiveness.

Keep any moving parts lubricated so that they move smoothly, and make sure the windows and frames are cleaned regularly to keep them in prime condition.

Weatherproof Windows and Doors

Hugo Carter offers a wide range of weatherproof windows and doors. Whatever the style of window or door that you want to install in your property, we can customise one of our models to fit your needs perfectly. 

We are intensely proud of the reputation that we have worked hard to establish over more than a decade. Our extensive collection of glowing online reviews testifies to the quality of our workmanship, and our dedication to delivering five-star customer service. 


What is the best way to weatherproof windows?

The best way to ensure that your windows protect you from the worst of the weather is to install a high-quality and robust set of windows. It’s essential that you use sturdy materials – at Hugo Carter, we match tough acoustic glass with robust, slow-grown timber frames – and that your stormproof windows are installed by expert professionals.

Can you weatherproof windows from the outside?

Yes, you can. The best way to keep wind, rain and cold from penetrating your property is to present a staunch barrier against them – and that starts on the outside of your windows. Make sure they are constructed from the best materials, and that they are fitted so perfectly that the weather never has a chance of getting through.

Why weatherproof windows?

Because you would rather the weather remains outside your home, and the warmth stays inside. There are so many techniques you can use in the construction of your stormproof windows that ensure they deliver a superb performance for many years, while adding to the comfort of your living space.

How do you waterproof timber windows?

The most important factor in making sure your timber windows are waterproof is to ensure they are constructed to the highest professional standards. That means using solid timber frames measured to the exact dimensions of your property. You can also use sealants that ensure the least amount of moisture possible penetrates your home.


Installing stormproof windows in your home represents an excellent long-term investment in the value and comfort of your property.

Robust, superbly fitted weatherproof windows will act as a formidable barrier against the worst the climate can throw at you. They will keep the wind, rain and cold out while ensuring you have a warm, welcoming home to enjoy.

Well-fitted stormproof windows will also come with excellent soundproofing qualities, ensuring you suffer far less noise pollution.

Hugo Carter will be delighted to discuss your stormproof window requirements, so please get in touch with us to find out how we can help you.