Bespoke Timber Sash and Casement Windows & Doors

Our bespoke windows will transform your home, by reducing noise pollution and improving the aesthetic appeal of your home.


At Hugo Carter, our emphasis is on creating timber sash and casement windows that last a lifetime.


At Hugo Carter, we specialise in crafting bespoke windows and doors tailored to suit the unique needs of UK homes, whether historical or modern, especially those located in Conservation Areas or Listed Properties. Our extensive range includes timber sash windows, casement windows, doors, and tilt and turn windows, all of which can be customised in terms of size, color, and fittings.

We prioritise advanced soundproofing and energy-efficient glazing options, ensuring both high-quality craftsmanship and environmental sustainability. Our products are built to last, requiring minimal maintenance and offering resistance against the unpredictable British weather, ultimately resulting in savings on energy bills and a quieter living environment. With our dedication to detail and eco-friendly practices, we guarantee customer satisfaction and a greener approach to enhancing your home.

Sash Windows

Our timber sash windows are a modern interpretation on the original. They also provide all of the beauty of the real thing paired with modern convenience, support, and security.

Casement Windows

Our casement windows come in five unique styles to ensure that no matter what type of casement window you are looking for, you’re able to get it without sacrificing safety, security, and efficiency.

High-Performance Windows

Our timber sash windows are a modern interpretation on the original. They also provide all of the beauty of the real thing paired with modern convenience, support, and security.  

Noise Reduction Windows

Hugo Carter Noise Reduction Windows are expertly designed. It incorporates noise reduction glass and superior quality timber frames.

Acoustic Windows

Acoustic windows are an extremely efficient way of reducing sound levels within your home. They are designed specifically to provide acoustic sound insulation that stops noise disturbance in your living space.

Bespoke Timber Windows

Our bespoke timber windows are perfect for your home when you need windows that are custom- made for a specially shaped or sized opening. 

Soundproof Windows

Hugo Carter’s range of bespoke Soundproof Windows are available as either sash or casement windows and these are especially popular with our London-based clients where noise is often prevalent.

Window Furniture

Hugo Carter stocks a vast array of handles – all suitable for soundproofing projects. We work with the major component manufacturers on your behalf to select the highest quality and best-performing handles to support your goals.


Listed building windows




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    Tools and Resources

    How Does Acoustic Glass Work

    How Does Acoustic Glass Work

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    Tips and Tricks on Maintaining Custom Windows

    Tips and Tricks on Maintaining Custom Windows

    Just like any appliance or feature in your house, other parts need regular maintenance too – and that includes your custom windows. Proper maintenance is a vital part of keeping your sash, casement or other windows in good working condition and helping them last...

    Soundproof Windows vs Secondary Glazing

    Soundproof Windows vs Secondary Glazing

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    What are casement windows?

    What are casement windows?

    Casement windows are a type of window that is attached to the frame by one or more hinges. They can serve as a good method for acoustic control to filter loud noises outside your home when paired with the right choice of quality glass. Casement windows are moveable...

    What Is Soundproofing?

    What Is Soundproofing?

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    So how many decibels are ‘healthy’?

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